Why do liberals cozy up to China?

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Progressives seem to have a new message when it comes to rampant wrongdoing by China. “Who cares?” Brazenly stealing technology and illegally manipulating currency. “Who cares?” Allowing carbon emissions to rise unchecked while encouraging developed countries to handicap their own economies in the name of fighting climate change. “Who cares?” Threatening the sovereignty of American allies by illegally constructing military bases in international waters. “Who cares?”

Liberals have criticized President Trump for his tough stance on Beijing, accusing him of exaggerating its aggressive geopolitical aspirations. This blind sinophilia has somehow even extended to environmental policy. Despite the fact that China is the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide on the planet, and it still aims to continue industrializing as quickly as possible without changing its polluting ways, thousands of activists descended upon Washington to protest government inaction on climate change.

China, now the second largest economy in the world, was curiously spared from the hysterical accusations leveled at Western leaders by leftist activists during the United Nations General Assembly meeting. Even the teenager whose diatribe had many European leaders quaking in their loafers evoked little more than simple bemusement from the Chinese.

Democrats have gone right along with this “see no evil” approach toward the polluting ways of China, demanding that Americans bear the burden of drastic emissions cuts, while turning a blind eye to the fact that Beijing has adamantly refused to take any actions that might harm the Chinese economy. Nearly every Democratic presidential candidate is proposing a radical environmental agenda that would cripple the American economy, while doing nothing to make China cut down on its carbon emissions.

The inspiration behind all these plans is the Green New Deal, a package of impossible environmental goals that could cost taxpayers a staggering $93 trillion. Even the “moderate” versions of the Green New Deal that some Democrats have introduced in recent months are still projected to cost trillions of dollars and inflict damage on the American economy.

This is not a serious approach to climate change. Sadly for American workers, though, it is perfectly consistent with the refusal of Democrats to acknowledge anything negative about China. Liberal apologists for the communist regime have been the most vociferous critics of the strategic tariffs imposed by President, for instance, loudly demanding a return to the old status quo under which China brazenly ripped off American products, stole American technology, and took away American jobs.

This theft was crucial to the stunning transformation of China from an impoverished backwater into a global powerhouse. But former Vice President Joe Biden notoriously insists that China is “not competition” for the United States, adding that the Chinese communists who regularly bully their smaller neighbors, including Hong Kong, are “not bad folks.”

President Trump is taking the responsible approach, punishing Beijing for its decades of trade abuses and other harmful violations of international conventions. While the Democrats daydream about cozying up to Beijing, President Trump is thinking about the welfare of the American people. The United States finally has a leader who is doing something right on this.

Madison Gesiotto is an attorney and a commentator who serves with the advisory board of the Donald Trump campaign. She was an inauguration spokesperson and former Miss Ohio. She is on Twitter @MadisonGesiotto.

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