Who will fight for Judge Kavanaugh?

Who will fight for Judge Kavanaugh?
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Yes, history most definitely rhymes, a maxim often attributed to Mark Twain.

Talking to fellow conservatives and taking the temperature of my friends and followers on social media, millions of Americans are horrified and disgusted at what they see as the unprecedented character assassination that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is suffering. The mere fact that a man with a spotless — even potentially boring — record can go from being an upstanding man of faith serving in the second highest court of the land to an outcast accused of serial rape and attempted murder, in the space of 11 days, is hard to fathom.

But it is not without precedent.


The political left has used this vicious tactic before — and long before Judge Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court.

Before I joined the White House, I had completed a manuscript on all the threats we face as a nation, not just ISIS and al Qaeda, the groups which had been the subject of my first book, “Why We Fight.” Yet, when the book was almost done, I realized something was missing. I realized that in any war — whether a real shooting war with members of the global jihadi movement, or an economic one with China, or a political one with Iran — having the right plan to win was not enough. You need to have the will to win, as well. An inferior force with an unstinting desire to be victorious can make problems for the greatest superpower, even America. (Recall Vietnam.)

As a result, I decided to inject four stories of true American heroes into “Why We Fight,” to demonstrate the pivotal importance of the will to win. The first is Stephen Decatur, the youngest-ever U.S. Navy captain who led an incredible Marine Corps raiding party off the shores of Tripoli against our earliest jihadi foe, soon after our nation’s founding. The second is U.S. Marine Corps legend Lt. Gen. Chesty Puller, whose leadership in the Pacific helped turn the tide of World War II in America’s favor. The third example of unconquerable American spirit is Capt. Eugene “Red” McDaniel, shot down over Vietnam, who spent six and a half years in the “Hanoi Hilton” as a POW and never gave up, despite horrific physical and psychological torture.

All three are peerless examples of Americans who battled the greatest odds and survived. But the fourth hero is of greatest relevance to us now, as we battle our own disbelief at what the politics of personal Alinskyite destruction has wrought.

That hero is Whittaker Chambers, a name most likely unknown to 95 percent of today’s millennials. He never wore a uniform or carried a gun in a faraway land facing down America’s deadly enemies. But he still is a hero, a man who was “Kavanaughed” long before the good judge was even born.


Chambers was not a nominee for a presidential appointment, but his reputation was destroyed during congressional hearings. Why? Because he dared to speak the truth and refused to back down. You see, Chambers had been a Soviet agent before World War II who ran the covert communications between the Kremlin and their secret assets in America, including senior State Department operative Alger Hiss.

After the paranoid Joseph Stalin began to murder his own loyalists and then made a pact with Hitler to carve up Europe, Chambers saw the light. And years later he helped identify the communists who remained hidden, Hiss included. But because Hiss was a beloved member of the East Coast establishment in highest standing with the Democratic Party, Chambers had to be destroyed.

As he stood in front of the cameras in the first televised congressional testimony of its kind, the rumor mill was deployed: Stories of infidelity, stories of homosexuality. (Strange how homophobia seems fine on the political left, if used as a weapon.) The press even insinuated that Chambers had been responsible for the death of his brother. Nothing was out of bounds. Yet none of it was true. Chambers never caved, and that is why I included him in my book as a great American hero. (Hiss’s guilt was confirmed long after Chambers’s death, when the VENONA papers were declassified.)

The left has a philosophy: The end justifies the mean. In the late ’40s, the end was to protect communist fellow-travelers ensconced inside Washington’s halls of power. Today, it is to prevent a constitutional originalist from becoming an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. This approach is very dangerous; in other nations and at other times, the-end-justifies-the-means approach led to gulags and death camps.

Only one question remains: Will good men allow evil to triumph by doing nothing?

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