Donald Trump has secured the future of our American courts

Two years ago, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch said at his Senate confirmation hearing, “If judges were just secret legislatures declaring not what the law is but what they would like it to be, the very idea of a government by the people and for the people would be at risk.”

Today, we celebrate the anniversary of his confirmation and honor the scores of jurists appointed by President TrumpDonald TrumpHouse passes voting rights and elections reform bill DEA places agent seen outside Capitol during riot on leave Georgia Gov. Kemp says he'd 'absolutely' back Trump as 2024 nominee MORE who serve faithfully to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. President Trump knows this is a priority for voters. Before the 2016 election, 65 percent of voters said Supreme Court appointments were “very important” to their decisions. Ahead of the 2018 midterms, 76 percent of voters said the same.


President Trump kept his promise to the American people by choosing two strong jurists, Neil Gorsuch and Brett KavanaughBrett Michael KavanaughJustices hear sparring over scope of safeguards for minority voters Supreme Court faces landmark challenge on voting rights Will 'Cover-up Cuomo' be marching to 'Jail to the Chief'? MORE, for the highest court in the nation. That was just the beginning. His first term in office has been marked by a historic reshaping of the judiciary at an incredible pace. President Trump has delivered 93 federal judges so far, including two Supreme Court justices, 37 circuit court judges, 30 of whom were confirmed during his first two years, and 54 district court judges.

Under this administration, the number of circuit courts with Democratic appointed majorities has fallen from nine to seven. Last month, President Trump flipped the Third Circuit to a Republican appointed majority. He brought the Eleventh Circuit to an even split. The infamously liberal Ninth Circuit had 18 Democratic appointed judges, seven Republican appointed judges, and four vacant seats at the beginning of his term. Today, it has 16 Democratic appointed judges, and the Senate will soon confirm two of his nominees. Once the vacancies are filled, the largest circuit court in the nation will have an unprecedented 13 Republican appointed judges.

Looking ahead to 2020, Republican victories will be more important than ever for the future of our courts. Democrats see state Supreme Court races as targets to reclaim ground and shift the balance of power. In Ohio, Democrats are just two state Supreme Court seats away from gaining a majority, making it critical for voters to keep Republican justices on the bench. Republicans celebrated a big victory just last week in Wisconsin, where despite being widely outspent by special interest groups and political action committees, Brian Hagedorn was elected in a historic upset, replacing a liberal justice on the state Supreme Court.

It is more important than ever for voters to maintain this momentum in the years ahead. Just look at the alarming radical proposals Democratic presidential candidates embrace today. Look at their support for court packing, or adding judges to the Supreme Court. Look at their calls to abolish the Electoral College. Look at their attempts to destroy each of our long standing institutions every time they lose an election.

Our nation cannot afford to let them win. As we gear up for a historic presidential election cycle, let us spread the message of continued success of this administration on judicial nominees. Let us energize and mobilize our communities around what is at stake in protecting our principles. In 2020, we will keep President Trump in the White House, elect Republicans across the country, protect our nation from the fringe ideas of Democrats, and secure the future of our federal courts.

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