Katie Pavlich: What real rape culture looks like

Katie Pavlich: What real rape culture looks like
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On New Year’s Eve, mobs made up of a thousand Muslim men, many of whom are asylum seekers, coordinated and planned sexual assaults on women attending public festivities in the city of Cologne, Germany. At first, it was reported 100 women suffered abuse, but that number has now grown to more than 500 cases. The majority of the cases involve groping and violent sexual assault, with the women reporting being surrounded by men and torn from their friends. These are the same tactics used to sexually assault CBS News correspondent Lara Logan, who is still suffering from her injuries, in Egypt during her coverage of the 2010 Arab Spring. 

Protestors in Cologne and around Germany have taken to the streets and police are under fire for covering up the incidents. Cologne Mayor Henriette Rekerhas been criticized for telling young women to “keep a certain distance of more than an arm’s length” and to not get “too close to people who are not known to you.” Keep in mind this advice comes after German Chancellor Angela Merkel openly welcomed asylum seekers into the country without a vetting process. It’s difficult for women to keep strange men away when public officials are bringing them right to their doorsteps and into their communities. 


But Cologne wasn’t an isolated incident. Women in cities around the country reported the same types of sexual assault from men described as being from Arab or North African countries — and it’s been happening for months. 

In September 2015, the Gatestone Institute published a lengthy piece about the growing rape epidemic in Germany and in other countries around Europe.

“A growing number of women and young girls housed in refugee shelters in Germany are being raped, sexually assaulted and even forced into prostitution by male asylum seekers, according to German social work organizations with first-hand knowledge of the situation. ... Conditions for women and girls at some shelters are so perilous that females are being described as ‘wild game’ fighting off Muslim male predators. But many victims, fearing reprisals, are keeping silent, social workers say,” Gatestone Fellow Soeren Kern wrote. “At the same time, growing numbers of German women in towns and cities across the country are being raped by asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Many of the crimes are being downplayed by German authorities and the national media, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.”

In Norway, The New York Times recently reported on government-funded classes being held for asylum seekers. The classes are being held in an effort to teach men new to the country that rape is wrong and unacceptable in their new culture. 

“ ‘The goal is that participants will ‘at least know the difference between right and wrong,’ said Nina Machibya, the Sandnes center’s manager,” the paper reported. “A course manual sets out a simple rule that all asylum seekers need to learn and follow: ‘To force someone into sex is not permitted in Norway, even when you are married to that person.’ ”  

As I’ve said before, if you have to educate an entire influx of Muslim men about how rape is wrong, you probably shouldn’t be letting them into your country at all. 

Although the horrors and unintended consequences of allowing hordes of young men who come from countries where rape is acceptable are just now being realized by Europe and other parts of the western world, this has been going on and tolerated not just for months but for years. 

One of the most horrifying of all rape cover-ups occurred in Rotherham, England. There, 1,400 boys and girls were being raped and sold into sex slavery for more than 10 years. This was known by public officials in the area but was ignored because the men carrying out the rapes were Muslim men from Pakistan. Fears of Islamophobia accusations trumped any kind of righteous intervention or prosecution of these men for more than a decade. 

Cover-ups of serious crimes committed by Muslim men have become a standard pattern of behavior from Western public officials, who are supposed to be civilized and hold themselves to a high moral standard. They’ve not only ignored these repeated crimes, they’ve become complicit for the sake of promoting a political narrative that refugees don’t pose a threat to European culture. These men come from countries where rape is acceptable, Sharia law reigns and women have no rights. This reality is ignored at a very high cost.

As President Obama continues to promise asylum for tens of thousands of unvetted refugees from countries where women are treated as property, we must ask the question: Where are the rape culture warriors? Where are the ultra feminists crying out against these atrocities and against the “refugees” who are committing them? Where are the women who have expressed disdain for the so-called “rape culture” in America and why do they refuse to take a stand against the importing of real rape culture to our country?

The time to take a stand against true rape culture is now, even if it means being accused of intolerance.  

Pavlich is editor for Townhall.com and a Fox News contributor.