Debbie Riley, CEO, Center for Adoption Support and Education - 09/21/16 06:56 PM EDT
This September, a divided Congress is put to the test on whether to act for the most vulnerable among us. The bipartisan Family First Prevention Services Act of 2016 passed the House of Representatives and is just waiting for the Senate. After a...
Erik Milito, director of Upstream, American Petroleum Institute - 09/19/16 06:23 PM EDT
Maintaining Arctic exploration options in the Obama administration’s next five-year leasing plan is critical for America’s future energy security. Alaska’s Beaufort and Chukchi seas are estimated to contain more oil and natural gas than the Atlantic...
Allison Saft - 09/13/16 06:23 PM EDT
Both Green Party nominee Jill Stein and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson should be allowed to share the debate stage with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this month and beyond. Both presidential hopefuls are on enough ballots in enough states...
Nail A. Al-Jubeir, director of information, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia - 09/07/16 05:17 PM EDT
Daniel Pipes writes in his blog entry “No Saudi money for American mosques” (The Hill’s Congress Blog, Aug. 22) that Saudi Arabia’s financial support for the building of mosques in other countries helps to create an atmosphere of intolerance and...
Peter Lurie, associate commissioner for public health strategy and analysis, U.S. Food and Drug Administration - 09/20/16 04:55 PM EDT
While Carolyn Long Engelhard identifies multiple concerns regarding the real-world impact of state “right-to-try” laws (“Are ‘right-to-try’ laws good medicine or partisan politics?” Sept. 9, The Hill’s Contributors blog), she mischaracterizes the...
Gregory J. Topliff - 09/14/16 07:02 PM EDT
I’m sure that most people think Hillary Clinton is from this planet, but they would be wrong. She comes from a planet far, far away.On Planet Hillary they are only allowed to lie. They are self-absorbed, only caring about their own interests. They...
Michael F. McCarthy - 09/12/16 05:37 PM EDT
As of this writing, 3,033 people have been shot in Chicago this year, yet less than half of 1 percent of those incidents involved the police, accounting for five people killed and 14 wounded. And, last year, there were 2,988 shootings with 25...
Lisa A. Rickard, president, U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform - 09/06/16 05:27 PM EDT
The Hill’s Aug. 23 story “Chamber pushes for crackdown on lawyers’ drug ads” never asked why lawyer television commercials for lawsuits over drugs should not include a warning to patients to consult their doctors before stopping any medication.The...

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