Zeeshan Nasir - 06/22/16 05:26 PM EDT
International Widows Day is observed annually on June 23 to intensify awareness regarding the social injustice and extreme poverty confronted by widows and their children and the plight of the millions of widows worldwide. On this day, Shrimati...
former Florida state Rep. Joe Gibbons (D), chairman of Energy Equity Alliance - 06/20/16 05:28 PM EDT
Net metering is certainly a hot topic across the country, as many states are analyzing and, in some cases, reevaluating their policies. The critical factor is that these policies must be fair for households and individuals of all economic classes (“...
A.J. Castilla - 06/14/16 05:38 PM EDT
The massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando is absolutely atrocious, but sadly, it is far from being the deadliest gun massacre in our nation’s history. Just ask the Native American people — they can easily give you many. There’s the Gunther...
Russell Zerbo, Clean Air Council - 06/08/16 06:23 PM EDT
William O’Keefe knows “there is no commercially viable technology for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels” but endorses them anyway as record-setting heat decimates populations outside of the United States (“A focus on climate change...
Kate Dylewsky, program associate, Born Free USA - 06/21/16 06:24 PM EDT
Americans love animals. That is perhaps the one point on which Robin Ganzert is correct (“Zoos and aquariums vital to global conservation,” June 14, The Hill’s Congress Blog). Americans do not, however, love animal suffering and threats to human...
Drs. Hunt Batjer, Mitchell Berger, Richard Ellenbogen and Russell Lonser, of the NFL Head, Neck and Spine Committee - 06/15/16 05:37 PM EDT
As leaders of the NFL Head, Neck and Spine Committee, we work with the National Football League in a voluntary capacity, as scientific and medical advisers. First and foremost, however, we are clinicians and scientists who are on the front lines in...
Colin Beckman - 06/13/16 05:59 PM EDT
For months, I’ve helped run a weekly phone bank, knocked on doors, and annoyed the hell out of my friends and family while campaigning for Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton’s historic primary win is now a certainty. But I believe that ending our...
Don Dzikowski - 06/07/16 05:57 PM EDT
The rational, decent and sensitive people of the United States would like to take this opportunity to offer the remainder of the country, and the entire world, our deepest and most sincere apologies for Donald John Trump.It has never been our intent...

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