Deal with ISIS first, then Ukraine

It’s absolutely amazing to me that at a time when our fellow Americans are being regularly beheaded by ISIS terrorists, we are now going to provoke Russia by arming the illegal Western-leaning putsch government of the Ukraine (“Obama won’t rule out sending lethal weapons to Ukraine,” Feb. 9). By sending costly and deadly weapons to the Ukrainian army right on Russia’s border, we are seriously upping the ante in this tragic conflict in a region where we have little national interest but which will cost the U.S. taxpayer dearly. On top of that, the Europeans are suffering from their own economic woes due to the U.S.-led sanctions against Moscow and are growing weary and angry over this ever-worsening conflict and we risk losing our allies as a result. Is the Ukraine honestly really worth starting WWIII over?


Are there any politicians in Washington capable of logical, sane and reasonable thought anymore? We all need to take a step backward and stop giving economically destitute Ukraine the false hope to continue a fight that the majority of Ukrainians don’t want to fight. Instead of upping the rhetoric and adding fuel to an already raging fire in the heart of Europe, we should try to encourage the diplomatic process and engage the Russians as partners, not adversaries. We could sure use some help on the ISIS front.

— Henderson, Nev.

Obama should stand tall for US
From Tom Tyschper

Our president has no problem “acting alone” on issues that fit into his ideological vision, but, on issues important to our national safety, he disengages? 

Most Americans want our southern border closed, yet our president consistently sidesteps the issue. In September 2014, he did call the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria a threat to the U.S., and stated that it deserves to be destroyed. Very stern words, but since that speech, our president’s actions have been wimpish at best. We watch atrocities that ISIS inflicts, and we basically hear that our president is “monitoring the situation.”

When former President George W. Bush decided to remove Saddam Hussein from power, he formed an involved 34-nation coalition; Saddam was removed in about a month. Our president speaks of a 60-nation coalition that, in comparison, has been feckless. 

I observed former President John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis. It was a difficult situation, but our president led with firm resolve. I will also say the same about Bush after 9/11; he stood tall for America. So far, Obama stands about as tall as their knees. 

To me, it all comes down to a lack of desire. If they are a threat to the U.S., their existence should have ended months ago.

— Gilbert, Ariz. 

Rookie Congress gives us Schock

From Earl Beal

This U.S. Congress is something else. We now learn of this quintessential traveling congressman with his raconteur, man-about-town style from Illinois in the person of Republican Rep. Aaron Schock (“Ethics watchdog hits Schock with new complaint,” Feb. 9). Given how this Congress has ostensibly devolved over the years, his jetting around the planet and staying in luxuriously pricey hotels at U.S. taxpayer expense is certainly not a shock.

Schock is just but another example of the fact that this Congress, for the most part, is dominated by a bunch of rookies who lack those leadership skills necessary for such nationally important legislative policy-making positions.

— Terre Haute, Ind.