Letters: Democrats’ hysterical push for President Trump’s impeachment

From Earl Beal

Impeachment of the president of the United States, according to the Constitution, involves those circumstances in which the commander in chief has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” while in office.

So, what has this president done during his six months in office to warrant impeachment?


Other than to call out these obstructionist congressional Democrats and so-called journalists for their moronic fake media accounts, his actions certainly do not contravene the Constitution.

The president’s enemies continuously harp about his reported lies, as such always are based upon unnamed anonymous sources. So! What are his lies? When, where and how has he lied?

Provide and pinpoint exact times, places, situations and individuals to whom this president has allegedly propagated such falsehoods.

This president has violated no federal statutes. Even former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey and various congressional intelligence committees opine and have confirmed the fact this president has done nothing illegal.

All the man has attempted to accomplish during his presidential tenure, in spite of these incessant political and mainstream media head winds, is to revitalize America for the good of the American people after eight years of the past president’s feckless passivity.

As these pontificating, grandstanding politicians stand in the well of the House ranting and raving impeachment of the president, or cable network talking heads spewing forth the same diatribe, these people seem to be of the opinion impeachment is the first and final stage of removing a president from office.


Should a bill of impeachment be returned, the process proceeds to the Senate for trial, at which time this body deliberates and determines guilt or innocence of the president. This forum decides whether or not the president remains in office. But to the average ignorant American, the vast majority believe an “impeachment” is enough to remove a president from office.

Focus should not be on impeachment, but extolling the virtues of this man who is trying to bring back America. But of course, he’s not Hillary, and there it is in a nutshell, people, the real reason behind this “impeachment” hysteria.

Terre Haute, Ind.

Do-nothings in Congress must get to work before midterm elections

From H. Rick Tavares

Getting elected to public office is not the right of any particular political party. Rather, it is an awesome and serious responsibility!

Service within the people’s government is not a right of passage, nor is it any political party’s certificate of ownership. It is rather a pledge of fealty to the more than 300 million Americans who make up the spine of our nation, the conscience of our founders and the legacy of our combined futures!

And to those do-nothings within government who genuinely believe in making no waves, breaking no new ground and not challenging the status quo, I say: Enjoy the free ride, my lackluster friends, as November of 2018 is not as far away as you might like to believe!

The people of the United States deserve the best, have paid for the best, have fought wars to preserve the best and have always demanded the best out of our elected government as well! And nothing short of this will ever be accepted or tolerated!

In my opinion, “we are Americans” are the finest three words ever conceived within the mind, heart and soul of any human being. And this, I truly believe!

Campo, Calif.