The cost of division: Truth and consequences

The cost of division: Truth and consequences

Divide and conquer is a well-known tactical strategy that is highly effective in human warfare. It is being skillfully employed in American society as demonstrated by racial animosity, class warfare, gender warfare, sexual preference warfare, age warfare and more. All of this is occurring at a time when radical Islamic extremists desire our destruction. Obviously, our escalating internal wars will facilitate their goals. Strong leadership, which is lacking today in America today, provides a vision for a society that in turn creates purpose, increased harmony, strength and security.

As we approach the presidential election of 2016, conservatives need a strong dose of purpose and harmony. We have witnessed the politics of personal destruction at a level even more intense than occurred during the 2012 election cycle. After that failed attempt by conservatives to capture the White House, much post-election analytical activity concluded that the Republican candidates had once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by crucifying one another, leaving President Obama with relatively little work to do to win despite his dismal record on the economy and international relationships.


It has been consistently claimed by many that this could be the most important and consequential election of our lifetime. There is an aging and health-challenged Supreme Court, making it likely that the next president will make between two and four nominations to the bench. The current eight justices are split into four progressives, two conservatives, one semi-conservative and one moderate who can go in either direction. Consequently, the next appointments will have a profound effect on the direction of America. The next administration will in effect determine whether we are a nation that is of, for and by the people or a nation that is of, for and by the government. We the people must turn off the entertainment long enough to concentrate on the implications of this vote.

Honesty dictates that we acknowledge that there exist two dramatically different visions of what our nation stands for and how it should be governed. It would require a long dissertation to delineate between the two ideologies, but the essential difference is that one group — progressives — places its faith and hope in the government, while the other group — conservatives — emphasizes self-reliance and personal responsibility. Each group accepts portions of the other’s philosophies, but the differences remain distinct and easily discernible.

Conservatives are often deceived by those who try to convince them that standing on principle is what distinguishes them as upstanding human beings, that they should be proud of themselves for refusing to vote for someone with whom they disagree or they have judged to be unrighteous. The same conservatives fail to realize that when they don’t vote, they are in essence voting for the other side. 

In this election, that means they are voting for the escalation of crippling national debt that will alter the lifestyles of their progeny. It also means continued weakening of our military at a time when our enemies are gaining strength, which eventually could facilitate our demise. It means advancing political correctness and declining emphasis on family values and the principles that made us great in record time. It means more failed economic policies that destroy the incentives to be productive. It means continued expansion of an already oversized government.

None of these consequences should be attached to a political party, because all Americans should be concerned about our future. This means we must take the time to become informed and vote in a way that will not lead to undesirable consequences and the fundamental changing of America. 

There are always consequences for our actions, but this time, the results of our voting will reach far beyond our own lifetimes. It is time for us to think about our patriotic ancestors who sacrificed much, in many cases even their lives, to provide opportunities that we now enjoy. It is our turn to be responsible.

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