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Benjamin Yu, Opinion Contributor - 08/19/19 10:30 AM EDT
For a century, Chinese Americans have been among the least partisan and politically engaged ethnic Asian groups in America. Because we’ve lived largely in urban and suburban areas in coastal liberal states, we have tended to be affiliated with...
Dr. Marc Siegel, opinion contributor - 08/19/19 09:30 AM EDT
Football season is almost here again — professional players, high school and college students are all gearing up for the season. You don’t have to be a physician to understand that lowering your head and charging full speed into another person is...
Larry Diamond, Opinion Contributor - 08/19/19 07:30 AM EDT
Since June 9, Hong Kong—one of the world’s most vibrant commercial and cultural centers—has been repeatedly paralyzed by mass demonstrations to defend that city’s dwindling freedoms.  The protests quickly escalated, from hundreds of thousands...
Juan Williams, opinion contributor - 08/19/19 06:00 AM EDT
Is the Resistance finally landing some punches on President Trump?Show them the money:Rep. Joaquin Castro’s (D-Texas) new fight plan hit the bullseye when he tweeted out a list of Trump’s top donors in San Antonio.“Donald Trump has put a target on...
Joseph Moreno, opinion contributor - 08/19/19 10:00 AM EDT
In response to the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton earlier this month, Americans are rightfully focused on legislative solutions to address the issue of gun violence. One idea that has resurfaced is that of establishing a federal crime of...
Ron Nehring, opinion contributor - 08/19/19 08:30 AM EDT
As we head deeper into the 2020 election cycle, Republican activists and leaders face serious challenges if we are to put conservative solutions into action to strengthen our country at home and freedom abroad.With media coverage and social media...
Jonathan Wood and Shawn Regan, opinion contributors - 08/19/19 07:00 AM EDT
The Endangered Species Act is one of the nation’s most popular environmental laws. Any potential change to it generates public concern — and understandably so. The federal government recently announced new rules to implement the law. But many are...
Alexandra Lamarche and Alanna Fox, opinion contributors - 08/18/19 06:00 PM EDT
Americans are well acquainted with the influx of Central American asylum seekers along the southern United States border. But the Central Americans are not alone. Lost in the news cycle are people of many nationalities who have crossed continents to...

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