Press: Cuomo belongs to wrong party

Press: Cuomo belongs to wrong party
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Poor Andrew CuomoAndrew CuomoCNN insults #MeToo movement, provides happy ending for Jeffrey Toobin New York lawmakers pass bill allowing gender-neutral 'X' on state ID Republican NY state senator: Single-payer health care bill won't get a vote this week MORE. What he allegedly said to young women who worked for him is disgusting. How he allegedly groped one young woman in the governor’s mansion is outrageous and, if true, criminal. His behavior toward women is unworthy of any man, let alone the governor of the state of New York. Yet in the end, he might have gotten away with it — except for one thing.

Poor Andrew Cuomo. The biggest mistake he made was becoming a Democrat. If only he were a Republican, he’d have nothing to worry about. As a Republican accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault, he could count on leaders of his own party not to throw him under the bus. They’d either look the other way and say nothing, laugh it off as “locker room talk,” or reward him with a top government job.

Think about it. If a woman who worked for him had accused Cuomo of repeatedly harassing her to the point of one day holding up a Coke and asking her: “Who has put pubic hair on my can of Coke,” he wouldn’t be facing calls to resign, he’d be sitting on the Supreme Court.


Think about it. If one female high school student and two fellow college students had accused Cuomo of sexually assaulting them while on a drunken spree, he wouldn’t be fighting for his political life today, he, too, would be enjoying a cushy, lifetime job on the nation’s highest court.

Or think about this. If over two dozen women had accused him of sexual assault, one accused him of rape, and if, in response, he’d bragged about grabbing women by their genitals and getting away with it, Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t have been forced to stay on the sidelines in 2016, he’d have been enthusiastically embraced as his party’s nominee for president.

But Andrew Cuomo’s not a Republican, he’s a Democrat. And as a Democrat, accused of sexual misconduct by seven women, he’s under increasing pressure to resign — based on their word alone, before any independent investigation — by both of New York’s Democratic senators, most Democratic members of New York’s congressional delegation, and 121 members of the state Legislature, including 65 Democrats.

President BidenJoe BidenEx-Biden adviser says Birx told him she hoped election turned out 'a certain way' Cheney rips Arizona election audit: 'It is an effort to subvert democracy' News leaders deal with the post-Trump era MORE, meanwhile, is being roundly criticized by fellow Democrats for having the audacity to suggest we await conclusions of an investigation into the charges against Cuomo before deciding his fate.

The controversy over Andrew Cuomo both confirms and undermines the importance of the #MeToo Movement. Born in 2018 in the wake of accusations of some 80 women against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, the movement galvanized the nation in condemning the all-too-long accepted practice of men preying on women in the workplace — and brought down 201 powerful men, including Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Charlie RoseCharles Peete RoseCBS ousts two senior executives amid racism, abuse allegations Press: Cuomo belongs to wrong party Iranian official maintains Tehran has 'no knowledge' of American hostage's whereabouts MORE, Matt LauerMatthew (Matt) Todd LauerPress: Cuomo belongs to wrong party Joe Biden tops Google people searches in 2020 Comcast shareholders reject proposals for outside sexual harassment investigation at NBC MORE and Les Moonves.


Thanks to the #MeToo movement, that kind of behavior is no longer acceptable. Every charge of sexual harassment must be taken seriously. And every woman, or man, who raises such a charge must be believed, until proven otherwise.

But the movement is seriously undermined when it’s allowed to become purely political. Sadly, when it comes to charges of sexual misconduct, there are two extremes today. For Republicans, anything goes. For Democrats, nothing goes.

And that makes a mockery of the whole movement. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. Period. Regardless of political party.

As for Andrew Cuomo. Yes, I believe he should resign, because he’s lost the capacity to govern effectively. Even if Republicans don’t take sexual assault seriously, Democrats still should.

Press is host of “The Bill Press Pod.” He is author of “From the Left: A Life in the Crossfire.”