Webb: Don’t blame me — I didn’t vote for the left

The U.S. Capitol is seen from Pennsylvania Ave.
Greg Nash

I am living the American Dream, and I want others to live theirs. It’s common sense if we focus on principles and policies that work for most, if not all. There is no perfect and we can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

We’re going to see a lot more in the coming days and weeks. For example, foreign policy issues, South and Central American migration issues. For the reader, examine the various issues assailing us as a culture and political system.

I see something developing even more fervently, and that’s the blame game. The left is casting blame, they’re shifting blame. And yes, that’s not new. Don’t blame the hundreds of millions of Americans who get it, regardless of party affiliation. Those who understand that there are those who don’t want to solve the problems, but simply want to cast blame. It’s a strategy to achieve their outcome.

The Portland and Seattle antifa and Black Lives Matter riots continue nightly and have spread throughout the country. Biden’s border crisis is deliberate, but he says it’s not a crisis and blames the prior Trump administration. Where’s current Vice President Harris weeks after being named the sheriff of the border? Who pays the price after illegal aliens pay the cartels and the coyotes?

Well, parts of the solution were already in place. The Trump “Remain in Mexico” policy, working with southern border neighbors and the governments of other nations in South and Central America. Physical barriers, interdiction, detention and where possible expulsion. Something that the media will not report as these migrants transit out of or across their countries, they’re causing growing problems. As simple as waste and destruction of property. Some of these leaders care about their citizens.

We cannot support the world while we have a growing economic crisis and a problem for decades with out-of-control spending. We are acquiring more and more debt at a faster pace in the first hundred days of Biden’s presidency than we have in past presidencies. We’re borrowing and spending to fiscal insolvency.

Look closer at the ill-tempered assault on America. Democrats, progressives, Black Lives Matter, antifa make martyrs out of miscreants. In large part, this is a representative group that doesn’t comply when faced with law enforcement. And the result is they could die. But then come the riots, looting, destruction, calls from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) for ongoing confrontation, if they don’t get their desired outcome. Our system of justice provides a resolution and it’s often correct. If they don’t get their desired outcome, your businesses and communities die just a little bit more.

Then to those communities, who hires you when the businesses are burned or driven out? You don’t get a job, but you get a government subsidy. Everybody loses. Forget for a moment which side of the debate you favor and look at the long, hot days and nights of summer ahead.

Look at major cities like D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta. You’ll see a rise in crime, and now with riots and looting, the long, hot days and nights become a bit more dangerous. Of course, this is no longer relegated to the major cities, it never really was, but now the riots are in smaller towns across America, like Brooklyn Center, Minn. Remember last year, Kenosha, Wis., and Lancaster, Pa., they were the Middle America tipping point. If rioting, looting and destruction was the solution to the problem and would bring about the change in society, then Portland and Seattle would have been immense successes. Those communities would be healed.

All of this is domestic, but Black Lives Matter Global Foundation has gone transnational, led by a Marxist Patrisse Cullors who likes her million-dollar home in the islands. While your Black and white communities burn and guilty whites riot in solidarity, the world is watching.

Apparently, African Black lives don’t matter because BLM didn’t show up in Africa to deal with issues in African nations ruled by Africans. Where there are issues, to contrast in a predominantly white country with very few Blacks, they show up. Ask yourself why? They need to have a contrast to sell the lie.

Don’t blame me or tens of millions of Americans, we voted for former President Trump. We voted for law and an ordered society. In a society where there is more cultural cohesion, you have a better chance of attacking the ills and solving problems.

Blame yourself if you supported the left.

Webb is host of “The David Webb Show” on SiriusXM Patriot 125, a Fox Nation host, Fox News contributor and a frequent television commentator. His column appears twice a month in The Hill.

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