Webb: Leftists and underlying fraud

Some time ago a caller to my SiriusXM Patriot radio show brought up the underlying fraud when leftists, progressives or elitists know their ideas have never worked or ever will work.

I’ve had time to think read and analyze and here are some points to consider.

It’s not just fraud but obvious propaganda propped up by lies. Propaganda takes an element of truth and perverts it to create a narrative that sounds believable until you look at the foundation. A broadly applied term is Big Tech, but it’s really a combination of technology-based media, social media and traditional media heavily invested in propping up this underlying fraud.

First you should understand who is in positions within these companies to protect and perpetuate the fraud. With the advent of the internet an entirely new area of influence was infiltrated by liberal progressives and, in part, built and promoted by those who shared the beliefs. Yes, it was about business, as we saw the rise of the tech millionaires and billionaires. Search engine algorithms were being written by people with a belief system and therefore they could create control mechanisms about what was and what was not allowed. Social media, a cousin to the search engines, also saw the rise of tech millionaires and billionaires and an aligned group who could control what was and was not allowed.

For years we were told it was a conspiracy theory when conservative voices or content was being suppressed by Big Tech and social media. They blamed algorithms when caught but they were the ones writing the algorithms. There was an evolution where traditional media moved into the cyber world and used Big Tech in the form of search engines and social media.

Before we go any further you must understand that simultaneously a new breed of activist liberal began to work in newspaper, television and radio newsrooms. As they progress through their careers many went into editorial positions.

Those on the far left saw the opportunity. Smart on their part. Their strategy was effective and now we see it on open display in silencing any who go against the required narrative.

It wasn’t mutually exclusive that ardent leftists couldn’t both push their agenda and become richer at the same time. They even said they were for the poor but their actions, or lack of, demonstrate otherwise.

The non-leftists in America must realize that our systems are being used against us effectively. The goal is to change the culture by not solving issues. Many issues are being magnified falsely and used to acquire more power while not addressing them.

At its worst this has happened reflected nightly in Portland and Seattle for over a year. Others have joined in, like antifa, the Youth Liberation Front and the most visible Black Lives Matter. For those foolish enough to believe that Black Lives Matter is not a Marxist-led effort that uses the sometimes very real grief in the Black community to magnify the occasional into a global cultural epidemic, your ignorance is part of the problem. The truly harmed are being used and rarely ever is the situation resolved. The communities are left with the destruction. These organizations shake down major U.S. and global corporations that are now blinded by their wokeness. This is a big part of the underlying fraud.

As you read this, Facebook and its 20-person independent oversight board are expected to produce a decision on the banning of former President Trump. Forget whether you are pro-Trump, never Trump or anything. While a private company, what is the real-world effect of controlling what people see or don’t see when billions use Facebook daily? It’s not about agreement but control. Another dirty little secret, Mark Zuckerberg once told Trump that he was one of the top search references on Facebook. Should Trump, with a huge national presence, launch onto a new platform that could shift tens of millions away from Facebook? Is its decision going to be based on its ideological desire to control and shift while suppressing those that it doesn’t agree with? Or, will it use the users and their information to make itself more profitable while offering nothing but fraudulent feel-good moments to read on the screen.

Power and elitism are not new. Often hypocrisy doesn’t matter because the moral compass of Big Tech points left or in any direction that matches the preferred ideology. How much longer will you accept and participate in the underlying fraud?

What do you think Donald Trump, the private citizen, should do?

Webb is host of “The David Webb Show” on SiriusXM Patriot 125, a Fox Nation host, Fox News contributor and a frequent television commentator. His column appears twice a month in The Hill.

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