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Pavlich: DOJ’s outrageous assault on parents

Now that leftist Democrats are back in control of the Department of Justice, they’re acting in typical fashion by using the federal government as a weapon against their political enemies. 

This time Attorney General Merrick Garland is targeting regular, everyday parents opposed to public school boards indoctrinating their children. 

“In recent months, there has been a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff who participate in the vital work of running our nation’s public schools. While spirited debate about policy matters in protected under our Constitution, that protection does not extend to threats of violence or efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views,” Garland wrote in a recently released memo.

“The Department takes these incidents seriously and is committed to using its authority and resources to discourage these threats, identify them when they occur, and prosecute them when appropriate,” Garland’s memo continues. “The Department is steadfast in its commitment to protect all people in the United States from violence, threats of violence, and other forms of intimidation and harassment.”

Garland’s memo comes after Virginia parents in Loudon and Fairfax counties regularly confronted leftist school board members about teachers unions refusing to go back to in-person learning, draconian coronavirus restrictions, pornographic material in school libraries and the implementation of destructive, divisive critical race theory (CRT). It also comes on the heels of a letter to President Biden from the National School Board Association asking him to classify parents as “domestic terrorists.”

“Neither the Attorney General’s memo nor the full Justice Department press release cites any significant, credible threat,” Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Christopher Rufo tweeted in response to the memo. “This is a blatant suppression tactic, designed to dissuade citizens from participating in the democratic process at school boards.”

Parents aren’t engaged in “harassment” or “intimidation.” Instead, they are simply engaged in holding public school officials accountable for indoctrinating their children with pornographic images and hate-fueled CRT. Parents showing up to verbally question and criticize public school officials isn’t “violence” or “intimidation.” It’s their right and duty to do so, especially as taxpayers into the public school system.

“It has a chilling effect. It’s really confusing when you look at this memo. What is harassing? Is it a mean, snarky tweet? What’s intimidation? Is it going to speak at a school board meeting and raising your voice?” former DOJ official and Executive Director of Fight for Our Schools Ian Prior said during an interview on Fox News.“What you’re seeing is unprecedented. When I was there they would go after MS-13. Now I guess they’re going to go after moms of 13-year-olds.” 

Further, contrary to the leftist narrative that those opposed to CRT are “white supremacists,” the fight against the indoctrination of young children with the poisonous ideology has been led by minority parents. 

“I am a Muslim woman. I’m a single mom. I’m an immigrant to this country. I have chased terrorists around the world, actual terrorists, and for you to dare to try to smear parents as domestic terrorists just reflects just how tone deaf school boards and school administrators have come about the pleas of parents on behalf of their children,” Activist, journalist and Northern Virginia mother Asra Nomani said in response to the National Association of School Boards classifying her as a domestic terrorist. “We are not the enemy. We are parents who brought children into the world and we take serious responsibility for all that happens to our children.” 

While in the minority, congressional Republicans have an obligation to conduct DOJ oversight and they’re starting to ask questions. 

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are taking notice of what and how their children are being taught in the classroom, hot-button social issues being weaved into the curriculum, and what safety protocols their child is supposed to follow while attending school,” over 60 lawmakers wrote in a recent letter to Garland. “While some of these meetings may get heated, most of the parents who have been demanding these meetings have simply voiced their passions and concerns for their children and their futures.”

“While we agree with you that any threat of violence against these government officials should be condemned and investigated, no government official has the right to claim that a citizen may not peacefully speak out against government policies,” the letter continues. 

Precedent shows a Democrat-controlled DOJ, now led by Garland and his radical associates, intends to intimidate and bully parents into silence. Given the power the department has to negatively impact the lives of everyday citizens — in this situation concerned parents simply petitioning their public officials — there’s no doubt Garland is abusing his power for the sake of a leftist political agenda. Unfortunately for him, parents don’t have plans to back down and they intend to win this fight.

Pavlich is the editor for and a Fox News contributor.

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