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Spineless Republicans on the Hill are weighing down the Trump administration

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With some of the major 2016 storylines of the “Russia hacked the election story,” biting the dust, it’s time to have a conversation about other 2016 stories, from the fairytale of Russian-Trump campaign collusion, to Hillary Clinton’s email server, to James Comey and Loretta Lynch’s manipulation of that investigation, and the Obama Administration’s unmasking scandal.

I said this spring on MSNBC that Russian collusion was a fairytale that the Left puts itself to sleep with in hopes that they’ll wake up and find Hillary in the White House. Or as President Trump has described it, a hoax. And yet many of the spineless Republicans on the Hill have been absolutely complicit in the media’s attempt to tie and weigh down the Trump administration to this fiction of Russian collusion.

{mosads}Any objective person who takes more than five seconds on the matter would step back and ask himself: with a bureaucracy that leaks like a sieve that’s had fifty extra holes punched in it, don’t we think there would have been something by now? With a national security apparatus that clearly despised Trump, don’t you think Clapper and Brennan would have succeeded in finding something and pushed it out? And forget our intelligence agencies: foreign countries have also failed to find anything.


Thus far, there is no evidence that the President or his staff coordinated with Russia or any foreign government to influence the outcome of the election. And I’m willing to bet very good money that there never will be any evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. The great irony is that Mueller and his team will likely get indictments in their investigation based on evidence that had nothing to do with collusion, but deal with financial crimes unrelated to the election, and alleged obstruction in an inartful effort to cover up unrelated crimes.

Yet,  there is mounting evidence of obstruction of justice, collusion, and illegal use of the national security apparatus for political purposes on the part of Democrats. When it is all said and done, the Obama Administration’s abuse of the national security apparatus to target the Trump campaign will make Nixon and Watergate look like amateur small ball. What Democrat’s have likely done is ironically Putin-level stuff when a party in power weaponizes government institutions and policies against its political opponents.

Has anyone actually come up with a good explanation for why United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power needed to make over 260 unmasking requests in 2016 alone? Or why Director of the National Security Council Susan Rice and her deputy Ben Rhodes potentially passed around transcripts of unmasked conversations with the people’s’ name in the transcripts, which would be in violation of NSA and FISA protocol?

In May on Fox and Friends, I said that Trump should demand certain actions by government agencies because quite frankly his voters and base are demanding these things: President Trump should direct Attorney General Sessions to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server and the Clinton Foundation’s’ apparent illegal use of donor funds for personal gain and the allegations of its pay-to-play schemes with Russia and other countries while Hillary was Secretary of State.  

The President and Congress should also fully investigate the members of the Obama National Security teams who unmasked dozens of sources and wiretapped dozens more for apparently nothing more than political purposes. Finally, the President should demand an investigation into the obstruction of justice involving Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC and the Obama DOJ.

Americans who were on the winning side of last year’s election have watched the reform narrative driven by President Trump swamped — pun intended — by inaction on the part of the administration, GOP majority and the media. Trump needs to inform people within his administration that the investigations will be done or he will find others to do the job. In regards to the GOP majorities, with the latest debacle on health care, there are many wondering what is use or point of having majorities in the House and Senate with such massive incompetence on display?

As for the media, there are limited expectations: most are just opinionists acting as journalists, far more intent on driving their own false narratives aligned with their worldview than they are with anything relating to facts or the truth.

The media has been acting like the opposition party, with its false narrative on Russia nothing but a smokescreen to obscure the potential, and I think real, crimes of the Clintons, the Obama administration and the Democrat leadership.

Time for Trump to act. Enough of the Clinton book pity-tour or fanciful stories about Russia and Trump and fake anti-health care reform protests on Capitol Hill. Let’s finally put the attention where it deserves. Maybe it’s time for our own real protests when Americans take to the streets to demand real action, real investigations and bringing corrupt officials to justice.

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter@nedryun.

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