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As Russia probe gains steam, remember why Putin hated Clinton and supported Trump

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With stories being promoted about the Steele dossier and Russian uranium interests, Americans should remember the most important fact of the matter regarding Russian attempts to subvert our democracy, and that’s this: 

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin hated Hillary Clinton and worked aggressively to destroy her presidential candidacy, and supported Donald Trump and ordered successors to the KGB to go all out in a covert campaign to elect Trump as president.

{mosads}Putin hated Clinton. Putin supported Trump. Clinton battled every Russian attempt to subvert democracy in the United States and Europe. Trump, the greatest political beneficiary of the Russian aggression against democracy, denies the aggression is happening and calls investigations of the crime nothing more than fake news and hoaxes.


During the Obama presidency, the Russian dictator made a dramatic decision to order his intelligence services to penetrate the highest councils of the American government to wield his power, and to turn his intelligence services into a virtual super PAC spreading lies against Clinton and working all channels to achieve the election of Trump.

Instead of being the subject of a political investigation into the matter of Russian uranium, a subject that Clinton had little involvement in that has been discussed at length for many months, the great truth about Clinton is this:

Hillary Clinton deserves a profile in courage award and a presidential medal of freedom for forcefully resisting Russian attempts to penetrate the high councils of the American government and bring Russian power to bear against American democracy.

When Russia tried to exert its power while Clinton was secretary of State, she defended America against Russia so fiercely that Putin moved aggressively against her. She should wear this as a badge of honor. History will speak kindly of her courage in standing up for American interests.

When Russia moved to exert power after Trump was elected president, the result brought revelations of countless meetings between people close to Trump and players working for Putin, repeated failures to disclose these meetings even in forms for security clearance, and matters now under criminal and counterintelligence investigations by the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller. Trump will not wear this as a badge of honor.  History will not speak kindly of his role in this seamy affair. 

Putin hated Clinton because he could not buy her support or bully her into acquiescence in his plots to penetrate the American government and subvert American democracy. Putin hated Clinton because he knew she was onto him and feared her resistance against his plans and plots.


Putin supported Trump because he believed he had found a ready target to exert his influence, and that he had found a kindred spirit in his covert plans to pit American against American and divide our people over race and religion.

On any matter involving Russia, always remember the big truth of the matter: Putin hated Clinton and supported Trump. Do not be surprised if we witness before the end of the year the first indictments or plea bargains emerging from the work of the special counsel. It is conceivable such events have already happened but have not yet been publicly disclosed. 

Regarding the Steele dossier, the crucial fact of the matter is not who paid for it but whether it is true and whether it provides crucial evidence that leads to a successful investigation and ultimate prosecution of any who may be guilty of any crimes.

Christopher Steele, let’s be clear, is a hero of Western intelligence. Some become engrossed in the exploits of James Bond or the characters created by John le Carre. Steele lived that life, fought that battle, and is one of the most respected figures in the history of intelligence since the Second World War and the Cold War that Putin threatens to bring back.

The most important panoramic point of the Steele dossier, involving the scope and magnitude of Russian attempts to penetrate and attack American democracy through multiple channels, has already been proven true. Whether other points in the Steele dossier are ultimately proven true will be learned in the coming months. 

Republicans will be making a historic blunder if they try to obstruct congressional investigations of the Russian attack or begin attacks against the budget, work or character of special counsel Mueller. Launching new partisan hearings in Congress, which began shortly after the 2012 election and continue today from some GOP circles, will not protect Trump against the potential consequences of the Russia investigation by the special counsel. 

The great battle in Washington pits Robert Mueller and the American side against Vladimir Putin and the Russian side. True patriots stand on the American side in this battle. Let the facts lead where they may, toward innocence or guilt, in the special counsel investigation.

The big truth is that Putin hated Clinton. Putin supported Trump. Nothing can change this fundamental fact that is central to American security today. 

Brent Budowsky was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Texas) and former Rep. Bill Alexander (D-Ark.), who was chief deputy majority whip of the U.S. House of Representatives. He holds an LLM in international financial law from the London School of Economics.

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