Democrats’ #UnfitToBePresident campaign is a totalitarian tactic

Democrats’ #UnfitToBePresident campaign is a totalitarian tactic
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Socrates once said, "When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser."

Nowhere is that more true than the liberals' assertion today that President Donald Trump is #UnfitToBePresident.

Democrats clearly cannot admit that President TrumpDonald TrumpEx-Trump lawyer Cohen to pen forward for impeachment book Murkowski says it would be 'appropriate' to bar Trump from holding office again Man known as 'QAnon Shaman' asks Trump for pardon after storming Capitol MORE just might have a handle on things, after a "bigly" successful year of more than 70 record days on the stock market; a successful, reasonable SCOTUS nominee; a 17-year low in the unemployment rate; a 13-year low in illegal border crossings; a unanimous U.N. resolution against North Korea; the elimination of the individual Obamacare mandate; and the largest tax cut in American history.


Having lost every significant policy and political battle this year, democrats have nothing left but to resort to name-calling.

President Trump is not the first republican president they've slandered in this manner.

In fact, Trump finds himself in good company.

Liberals accused President Ronald Reagan of being crazy during his early years in office.

Despite Reagan's significant accomplishments, democrats nicknamed him "President Bozo" and "the president from Disneyland," marginalizing him as if he were some cartoon character rather than the proven leader who had already served as a successful two-term governor of California, the fifth largest economy in the world.

Yet they persisted.

I predicted that democrats would do this six months ago, last August, but it bears reviewing. The Nation called President Reagan "demented" long before any signs of Alzheimer's set in. Author Christopher Hitchens called him an "idiot." Even "60 Minutes" personality Andy Rooney reported that guests at a cocktail party wrung their hands about Reagan's mental fitness suggesting, "I think he's out of his mind, I really do."

To be sure, Trump does things differently — just as Reagan did.

Trump engages enemies directly on Twitter, boasting that his nuclear button is bigger than theirs. In much the same manner, President Reagan directly challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to "tear down that wall," going against the advice of staffers who repeatedly removed the controversial line from a speech that was so bold it is now credited with ending the Cold War.

Like Reagan, is Trump to be considered crazy? Unfit for office? Hardly.

Consider the fact that Trump out-campaigned the Clintons — one of the longest-running political dynasties in America outside of the Kennedys. He managed to travel to states that Hillary didn't have the stamina to compete in, and he ended up winning one of the largest upsets in American history. Unlike Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonCan Biden encompass the opposition he embodied? Disney silent on Trump status in Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom Biden has an opportunity to win over conservative Christians MORE, who actually fainted before Election Day at the 9/11 memorial, Trump has presented no symptoms of illness of any sort.

However, this hasn't stopped our so-called esteemed congress members from shamelessly getting in on the psychological analysis.

Members have invited Yale University psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee on President Trump's mental fitness for office. Nevermind that the American Psychiatric Association's Principles of Medical Ethics (section 7) forbids psychiatrists from diagnosing patients they have never examined.

It is a dangerous, slippery slope to call leaders mentally unfit and suggest that they be removed from office for sheer political reasons, without any evidence to back up their health claims. In fact, it is uniquely un-American in that it's a tactic rooted in a totalitarian government. Don't like a political opponent or dissident? Accuse them of being mentally unstable in order to discredit them.

Harvard professor and successful lawyer Alan Dershowitz says the democrats' tactics today resemble precisely those tactics. Dershowitz said pro-democracy dissidents in Russia accused of similar mental health issues simply because they protested the government. He also pointed to similar examples of mental health diagnosis abuse in communist China and in Apartheid-era South Africa, all politically motivated.

"How dare they try to undo democracy," said Dershowitz of democrats in an interview on FOX & Friends. He suggested the 25th Amendment doesn't apply here stating, "Everybody knew who Donald Trump was when they elected him... he hasn't changed in office, and this idea of diagnosing him instead of opposing him politically imposes an enormous danger." (It's important to point out that Dershowitz did not vote for Trump).

No matter what liberals will dream up next, Americans can take heart in one thing: name-calling alone hasn't worked in the course of American history to remove a sitting president. It won't work now in the case against President Trump.

 Jen Kerns has served as a GOP strategist and writer for the U.S. presidential debates for FOX News. She previously served as communications director and spokeswoman for the California Republican Party, the Colorado Recalls over gun control, and the Prop. 8 battle over marriage which went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.