Webb: Trump trifecta

Webb: Trump trifecta
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American presidencies are often reviewed in historical terms, but today we are allowed the reality of a clearer vision of current times in which we can more accurately project the effect of one administration on key elements of the future.

This is not limited to our mainland, remote states and territories. We are at a pivotal time and the world’s future is at stake. Three key factors, among many, during the Trump administration will affect not only this country, but where they intersect, affect the world.


One is the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Amazing isn’t it, sarcasm noted, that after the feverish and outrageous response from the leftists and the Democratic leaders it has been put on the back burner by the next big Democratic fundraising story. If I sound a bit cynical it’s because I am and we all should be when it comes to Democrats.

It’s one thing to raise funds off issues as both political parties do. It’s out of bounds to outright lie and create false issues where serious debate is warranted and target Americans for money.

The fundamental issue for Democrats is that with the nomination and potential future one or two nominations by this president will cost them their judicial overlordship of our legal system for at least a generation.

Make no mistake that leftists and Democrats in full alignment will still judge shop the Article 3 courts to stall, hinder or muddy the legal waters when it comes to their agenda. We Americans have to be vigilant and patient and let the brilliance of our three branches of government play out as prescribed in the Constitution. With a constitutional court and a more conservative view, we will eventually win the legal battles and by doing so preserve the republic.

The Helsinki summit between President TrumpDonald John TrumpSchiff urges GOP colleagues to share private concerns about Trump publicly US-China trade talks draw criticism for lack of women in pictures Overnight Defense: Trump to leave 200 troops in Syria | Trump, Kim plan one-on-one meeting | Pentagon asks DHS to justify moving funds for border wall MORE and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday matters.

To many on the left and anyone anti-Trump it was a failure, or was it really? The left would have you believe that the president sold out America to Putin. The never Trumpers align themselves with the left and agree.

Was it reminiscent of former President Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev or is there a 60,000 foot view of Trump playing chess for America with the Russian leader and Russian interests. While I would have preferred a different tone on some subjects in the press conference and there is room for fair critique, what would it have accomplished to politically punch Putin the face in front of the world?

Those on both sides of the political aisle that have supported the failed policies for decades and do not want to go to war with Russia in the past now want Trump to start an all-out war with Russia over one or two issues rather than diplomatic engagement. Russia is not our friend and in many ways an adversary, but there are areas of common interest on the global stage. We have talked to adversaries before and where necessary, worked together and can do so again.

Go a little higher and view the European trip as a whole. First the president goes to the NATO alliance and demands real value in their commitment in materials and resources beyond just the 2 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). He’s a businessman, and the real value matters not just blank percentages.

In the United Kingdom, many tried to make an issue of the president’s comments about Boris Johnson and how he would make a fine prime minister. We saw the counter to that in the press conference with Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May where they are more aligned on issues including issues around sovereignty and Brexit.

Add to this that the Trump administration has reaffirmed and instituted stronger sanctions on Russia such as access to U.S. banks and on individuals and corporations that have been bad actors. One third of Russia’s GDP is from energy and a major economic weapon for them to use against the European Union. Trump has unleashed American energy, which will affect the world market and undercut Russian control.

Additionally, the Trump administration has given lethal weaponry to Russian adversaries to defend themselves against aggression.

Illegal immigration and unfettered migration matters. Here is where domestic policy can affect not only America but the world. If America leads by example in controlling both sensibly then Europe, which is a clear target, and other regions of the world will see success as a good model rather than a culturally foolish and dangerous open borders policy. The European Union and the member nations of the NATO alliance may not have appreciated the blunt talk by Trump on their growing crisis but it doesn’t change the reality. European culture, regardless of origin, and Western values are being altered for the future. There is a vast difference between accepting different cultures who assimilate versus a culture that seeks to regress and change what is successful. It is the East that must advance to join the West, not the reverse.

This is a presidency that can and will affect the world for decades. It’s hopeless to try and deal with the Democrats and maybe there are a few more never Trumpers who will get back on track and run with the Republican herd or, as I’ve stated before, get trampled by the left’s march away from a constitutional republic.

Webb is host of “The David Webb Show” on SiriusXM Patriot 125, a Fox News contributor and a frequent television commentator. His column appears twice a month in The Hill.