This New York Times op-ed should be a wake-up call to the president

This New York Times op-ed should be a wake-up call to the president
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Our nation’s capital is rife with small-minded sycophants, more interested in securing their own stations than in serving the country they claim to love. Trust me; I’ve been around this town long enough to see it and to know there are many gutless wonders and cowards who clog the corridors of power. 

The latest and perhaps worst example of this behavior comes courtesy of an anonymously authored New York Times op-ed, claiming to be from a “senior official in the Trump administration” who suggests that there are elements within the administration actively working against the president’s priorities which they deem to be “his worst inclinations." 

Yes, dear Americans, rest easy tonight knowing that a cabal of connected courtiers hold your best interests at heart and are sparing you from the excesses of a president that tens of millions of we troglodytes voted into office. That’s right: They think they’re better than us poor peasants. Yet it’s this very arrogance that gave rise to Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump calls for Republicans to be 'united' on abortion Tlaib calls on Amash to join impeachment resolution Facebook temporarily suspended conservative commentator Candace Owens MORE; the smarmy bipartisan globalism that sold out the American taxpayer for decades is what made the Trump phenomenon happen.

However, detached from that reality and too afraid to take his (or her) criticisms public, the self-indulgent coward who penned this piece hides behind his (or her) enablers at the New York Timeswhich apparently has decided that it will do whatever it takes to bring down Trump. The Times, of course, sees no issue in publishing anonymously sourced content, so long as it attacks the current president.

But frankly, it doesn’t matter who is the author of this piece. The Times might be playing fast and loose with the title “senior official,” and I half expect a backbencher to be found out and expelled within short order. But this entire episode is instructive. As I and many others have been saying for years, the "deep state" is no laughing matter. They may call themselves a “stable state,” but it’s worth asking, stable for whom? 

The globalist deep state’s rule hasn’t been “stable” for most Americans. As our manufacturing jobs race overseas, factories shut down, wages stagnate, regulations stifle business, our infrastructure crumbles and entire communities fall to the scourge of addiction, it’s clear this decades-long approach to governing has been a debacle for normal Americans. And they know it. See the election results in 2016: An outsider who had never run for office before mopped the deck with 16 other Republican candidates, and then beat the ruling class’s anointed champion, Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonWarren policy ideas show signs of paying off Biden at campaign kickoff event: I don't have to be 'angry' to win Top Dem: Trump helps GOP erase enthusiasm gap; Ohio a big problem MORE.

Why? Because Americans loathe Washington. They despise the know-it-all elites who run both parties in our federal government, selling out the interests of the American taxpayer every day. Many Americans, both right and left, have awoken to the fact that a ruling class of both parties has rigged the system of government, funded by and built on the backs of American taxpayers, to benefit themselves first and last. American taxpayers hate being used, and then insulted for good measure, hearing the never-ending drumbeat from the centers of power, dismissing them as backwards bigots, deplorables and destined for the dustbin of history. 

But this Times op-ed should be a wake-up call to the president — not just to the fact that elements of his administration don’t want him to succeed, but that vast swaths of the federal government feel the same way. The bureaucrats know they don’t have to impeach Trump to win. No, they just have to outlast him. They’re there for life, whereas Trump might be there for eight years. So long as the administrative state continues, so long as power remains concentrated around our capital city and not with our states and communities, the bureaucrats know they can always come back. So, like a weed in a garden, they must be pulled out, root and stem, or they’ll always crop back up. Trump keeps talking about "draining the swamp." But the very foundation of the swamp, and the enemy of change, is the administrative state. He must break it apart, shut departments and agencies, dramatically shrink the workforce of nearly 2 million federal employees, and he must do it sooner rather than later.

Because what this latest incident with the op-ed is really about is the battle between the establishment deep state and Donald Trump as to who really runs this country — unelected, faceless bureaucrats or the duly elected president of the United States. Most people would rightly bet on the administrative state winning; it’s been winning for a very long time. But, then again, those people bet against Donald Trump from Day One.

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Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for President George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority, which trains conservative political candidates and activists.