Robert Mueller’s rendezvous with destiny

Robert Mueller’s rendezvous with destiny
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With the debate about witness tampering, involving the case of a Russian dictator who has committed crimes against American democracy, it is a good moment to consider the momentous events unfolding in the special counsel investigation of the most heinous crime ever committed against our democracy.

Will special counsel Robert MuellerRobert (Bob) MuellerWhy a special counsel is guaranteed if Biden chooses Yates, Cuomo or Jones as AG Barr taps attorney investigating Russia probe origins as special counsel CNN's Toobin warns McCabe is in 'perilous condition' with emboldened Trump MORE issue a report that will lead to an impeachment resolution being passed by the House of Representatives and considered by a trial in the Senate, with the chief justice of the Supreme Court presiding over the proceedings?


Will Mueller seek a criminal indictment of President TrumpDonald TrumpHouse passes voting rights and elections reform bill DEA places agent seen outside Capitol during riot on leave Georgia Gov. Kemp says he'd 'absolutely' back Trump as 2024 nominee MORE, which he may be authorized to do under the regulations governing the role of special counsel if he finds that extraordinary circumstances exist, subject to approval by the attorney general?

Will Mueller issue a report that exonerates Trump from any wrongdoing, which is unlikely but possible?

Has Mueller already achieved major indictments that are currently under seal, to be disclosed at a future date, which I believe is very possible?

Will Mueller even seek to indict Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator who ordered and orchestrated the great crime against our democracy?

The most tantalizing question, which may soon be a topic of front-page national debate, is whether Mueller and Trump might reach a plea bargain agreement in which Trump would voluntarily leave office in return for protection from any future liability.

In the coming days, weeks or months, Robert Mueller will face a rendezvous with destiny, making profound, fateful decisions that will affect democratic life in America for generations and will, literally, be remembered and discussed for centuries.

Rarely before in history have the man and moment come together as they do today, as Mueller considers the evidence before him and the actions he will take, or not take, based on that evidence.

Throughout official Washington there are undercurrents of foreboding about the bombshells from Mueller that are poised to explode, one way or the other, in the not too distant future.

I do not know what will happen because I do not know exactly what evidence Mueller possesses or what he will do based on that evidence.

I offer only one opinion in this column, which is that our current president, and any president, should be treated exactly as any American would be treated, given the facts of the case.

It would be historic if Mueller establishes, once and for all, for the nation and world to witness, that in America no person is above the law and that the law should not be determined by party-line votes of the House and Senate.  

This does not imply innocence or guilt of the president or of any suspect of any crime, only that the law should be applied to the facts equally for the most powerful and the most powerless people, treated with absolute equality regardless of their position.

In America, it is the truth that sets us free and the law that protects our freedoms, from presidents to paupers.

Consider one major issue at the forefront of the news today. If witness tampering is proven by the facts under the law, that crime should be prosecuted, regardless of the power or position of the perpetrator.

If there were one American chosen to face the rendezvous with destiny today, our country is fortunate that it is Robert Mueller, who has proven to be of rock-solid integrity, courage and honor, in war and in peace. 

With American and Western democracy under attack from the crimes of a Russian dictator, there is no better person than Mueller to be the guardian of our democracy and the custodian of our high principle of the rule of law.

We should brace ourselves as Americans, because a gathering storm will soon arrive.

Brent Budowsky was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Texas) and former Rep. Bill Alexander (D-Ark.), who was chief deputy majority whip of the U.S. House of Representatives. He holds an LLM in international financial law from the London School of Economics.