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Budowsky: Dems can win a 2020 landslide


President Trump is widely unpopular. The intensity of those who disapprove of Trump has risen to white-hot levels. Senate Republicans are locking their political fate to public support for Trump. Democrats control the House of Representatives after winning a massive wave election in 2018. There is a real possibility that Democrats win a history-making landslide in 2020 and inaugurate a post-Trump era of Democratic leadership and American optimism comparable to President Kennedy’s New Frontier in 1960.

One of the leading issues creating the Democratic wave in 2018 was health care. Democrats could champion a universal Medicare buy-in, to make this hugely popular program available to ANY American willing to pay an appropriate Medicare premium that would be markedly lower than current private insurance premiums. This would realize the dream of making affordable health care a right for every American.

{mosads}It is not necessary, and would be a major political mistake, for Democrats to take away from consumers the ability to buy private insurance policies if they choose. Numerous polls suggest this would create a backlash from consumers who would enthusiastically back a Medicare buy-in program. A Medicare buy-in would lower insurance premiums for every consumer who signs up and pressure private insurers to significantly lower their premiums, making health care a grand slam for Democrats with a game-changing majority of voters. 

Another idea destined to win support from a large majority of voters is offered by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who proposes a wealth surtax on the wealthiest Americans. Under Warren’s plan, Americans with less than $50 million of assets would pay no new tax. Americans with assets above $50 million would pay only 2 percent. Those with assets above $1 billion would pay only 3 percent — so small it would not affect their lives even slightly.

The Warren plan could raise almost $3 trillion over 10 years that could be used to lift the lives of hard-pressed poor and middle-income Americans! It would put to shame the Marie Antoinette tax cuts from Trump Republicans that showered lavish benefits on the most wealthy and did virtually nothing for everyone else.

Democrats could run in red states, purple states and blue states as the patriot party, the national security party and the democracy-first party, while Trump holds secret meetings with the Russian dictator who attacks America, without even his national security advisers being allowed to attend or learn what happened in those meetings!!

It was alarming to watch America’s national intelligence leaders testify about threats to America and express dramatic disagreements with Trump on terrorism, North Korea, Russia, the Mideast and dangers to our security from climate change.  It was alarming to witness former Defense Secretary James Mattis — one of the most widely admired military leaders of our generation — resign in protest with warnings against Trump’s criticism of democratic allies and softness towards foreign dictators.

Democrats can run against the widely despised Trump government shutdown, caused by his fanatic rigidity for the widely disapproved Trump wall, which Trump insists Americans must pay for because his false promise that Mexico would pay was a disaster of deception.

Democrats can run as the party of border security, supporting more spending than Trump for the most effective ways to protect our borders and ports of entry, where terrorists and drug pushers seek to enter, which Trump’s wall would not stop.

{mosads}Democrats can run as the party of honesty and integrity against government corruption revealed by investigation after investigation, indictment after indictment and scandal after scandal that will be the dirty legacy of the Trump years.

Democrats can fight to save the earth from climate change; that is a winning issue even in red coastal states that are ravaged by weather worsened by polluters, who give Republicans money and back Republican policies.

Democrats could win an epic landslide because they stand up for America as a whole, unlike Trump, who fights for an extreme faction of a shrinking base to the exclusion of all other Americans.

Budowsky was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Texas) and former Rep. Bill Alexander (D-Ark.), who was chief deputy majority whip of the House of Representatives. He holds an LLM in international financial law from the London School of Economics.

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