Trump is having the best week — ever

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Well, what a week for Donald J. Trump.

First, Mueller and his partisan pack of wolves ended their witch-hunt, realizing that even with the awesome power of the special counsel and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars they couldn’t turn a fairytale into fact. The abbreviated report released by Attorney General Bill Barr showed that Mueller cleared Trump of any charges of collusion.

{mosads}While some on the left and in the Democratic Party think that there is some hope for obstruction of justice, someone should probably tell them that was always the weakest of the potential charges against Trump. The president can’t be accused of obstruction for firing someone within the executive branch.

Furthermore, one happy by-product of the Mueller investigation is it revealed just how poorly James Comey performed as FBI director. Even many of the most fevered members of the swamp accept that President Trump had every right to fire him. Mature people know when to take the loss and move on. The good news for Trump is that most of the Democrats in Congress aren’t in that group.

Then — as though Trump needed a cherry on top of his two-scoop sundae — Michael Avenatti got arrested for allegedly attempting to extort Nike. Avenatti, who was given a prominent platform by many news networks, thought he was going to be Trump’s great foil, even potentially running for president in 2020. In rich irony, Aventatti who had tweeted at Don Jr. that Don would be in jail by the end of 2018 might actually find himself in jail in 2019, if convicted of his charges.

Then on Tuesday, we learned that the Department of Defense is going to spend a billion dollars on building new fencing and walls on the southern border. To which I say, about time; as commander-in-chief, Trump should maximize the Department of Defense’s Section 284 authorization that allows the military to build fencing, walls and other infrastructure in known drug smuggling corridors and areas of transnational organized crime.

As we have evidence of drug smuggling outside the ports of entry, and know that MS-13 is active on the southern border, Trump should declare the entire southern border to be a drug smuggling corridor and order the Department of Defense to build walls in as many places as physically possible.

To add to all of this good news, the Trump base was encouraged to find out that the DOJ has now decided that it will do its best to have ObamaCare declared unconstitutional and thrown out in its entirety. If Congress will not act, Trump can and will. ObamaCare is an unworkable program that needs to be ended. We need health-care reform that actually benefits the American people and lowers the costs and premiums and deductibles. I think this requires less government, not more. It requires opening up the industry to more free-market forces and competition, part of which would be addressed by pricing transparency.

Trump is riding high at this point with all of the success he has had this week. Democrats have decided in the face of Trump’s agenda go full on socialist with the Green New Deal and “Medicare for all” among other ideas like universal basic income and free college and reparations.

All of that adds up to somewhere in the neighborhood of $155 trillion by some estimates. But what’s a few trillions here-and-there among friends when you’re in pursuit of the White House and driving out the big, bad orange man?

Now that the cloud of the fairytale hoax of Russian collusion has been removed, Trump will be unleashed, as well he should be. He will now be empowered to negotiate for better trade deals with China and Europe. He will have more support from Republicans in Congress, because many of those gutless wonders will finally feel like they’re on the winning team — nothing succeeds like success.

Trump should slash and burn the regulatory state, ride herd on wall funding and defy any of the Democrats to try and beat him in 2020. None of them will be able to, so my advice to those on the left is this: Go find your safe spaces because I’m seeing a lot of disappointment in your future.

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for President George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority, which trains conservative political candidates and activists.

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