There is no centrist Democrat running for president in 2020

Greg Nash

Even before the debate last night, the general consensus of the chattering class seemed to be that Democrats were in quite the bind. Following the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a Democratic socialist, now appears like the front runner for the party nomination, and could, if he soldiers on and wins the nomination, drag down the ticket and the party because he is simply too far left.

That is clearly true by political standards. Sanders is too far left for an Electoral College majority, and will most assuredly lose his bid and hurt down ballot Democratic candidates, if he wins the party nomination for the election this fall. But the tough part for the establishment leaders of the national Democratic Party is that their concerns over a potential Sanders nomination victory are accurate but totally irrelevant.

Why? Because every single one of the candidates left to compete for the nomination after New Hampshire is too far left for an Electoral College majority of the country. Sanders and his colleague Elizabeth Warren are not the only leftists in the field. Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, and even Michael Bloomberg are also far left of the mainstream.

Buttigieg joins Sanders and Warren in supporting free college tuition. The former mayor only breaks with them in thinking that the very wealthiest of families should not rely on taxpayers to fund college for their children. He also wants the government more involved in health care, not through their “Medicare for All” plan, but through a public option that he believes would drive private health insurance companies out of business and leave the American people on government health plans as a result, rather than mandating their movement from private to public health insurance.

So the end result is essentially the same when it comes to these three candidates. No more private health insurance, and everybody gets his or her health care from the government. If the country is going to end up at the same place, does it really matter how we get there? Buttigieg is not the only secret leftist among the remaining candidates in the field.

Klobuchar calls for a trillion dollar infrastructure spending plan. She wants to abolish capital punishment, legalize marijuana, increase taxes, raise the minimum wage to $15, eliminate the Electoral College, restrict the First Amendment, reduce our energy independence by ending new oil and gas leases on federal land and ending offshore drilling, and provide amnesty to illegal immigrants. Bloomberg wants to increase the minimum wage, massively restrict Second Amendment rights, raise taxes on individuals and corporations, and create new special taxes on the wealthy.

About the only thing I have left out is that at the first Democratic debate of the cycle last summer, all the contenders on stage raised their hands to answer that they would support changing the law to provide health care benefits funded by taxpayers to illegal immigrants. Now we come to the sad realization that it is tough to call a policy agenda “extreme” when most of the adherents of one of the two major parties have embraced it. So it may not be extreme, however, it is still very left wing.

Have no fear, leaders of the Democratic establishment, and stop all your worrying that Sanders is going to win your party nomination and tank your chances this fall. All your candidates are actually leftists running on policy agendas that will be soundly rejected by the American people at the ballot box. Just prepare for another four years of President Trump.

Jenny Beth Martin is the honorary chairman of Tea Party Patriots Action.

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