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White House takes best action to handle Seattle autonomous zone

The ostentatiously named Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or Chaz, located in Seattle, is an affront to law and order, as well as a direct threat to public safety. Since the local Democratic leaders refuse to do anything over this, it is welcome news that President Trump is willing to handle the issue.

He did the right thing by denouncing Chaz. The people who established it are breaking any number of laws that are essential for the maintenance of civil order. The lengths to which so many liberal journalists go to overlook such radical notions and disregard for authority are astounding, but there are still reports of extortion, check points manned by armed ruffians, and other conditions that should never be allowed to exist in this country.

Even worse is that Seattle Police Department response times for the area around Chaz have tripled because of the unrest, preventing officers from reaching the victims of rape, robbery, and other violent crimes. This is an absolute travesty for the local Democratic leaders of this great American city to allow the surrender of an entire city police precinct to a mob.

It is sad that those officials are not disgusted by the sight of this group of armed anarchists proclaiming part of their city separate from the United States. It is also hypocritical for the same people who all but called for a nuclear missile strike when conservatives had tried this stunt on a much smaller scale to call Chaz a simple block party for a summer of love.

Trump wisely leaves the option of federal intervention on the table. If this autonomous zone turns ugly, it is not clear if the Seattle authorities would enforce the laws. The country has certainly seen events such as this many times before. Leftists have a history of trying to occupy public spaces that legally belong to everyone in order to make a political point, regularly with lists of unrealistic demands. We saw it in the 1960s and 1970s, and we saw it again in the “Occupy Wall Street” camps of the Barack Obama era.

When the relevant leaders are sufficiently liberal, these occupations can sometimes turn into permanent tourist attractions. We saw that with the social democratic government in Denmark in the 1970s, which allowed a group of anarchists to take over an abandoned army base and turn it into a free town where drugs are legal and officers generally avoid. Maybe the Seattle government is weak enough to let that happen here at home.

I hope the local Democratic leaders are working on plans to disperse this glorified camp if violence breaks out. With luck, the whole thing will end not with a bang, but with two anarchists fighting over who is the biggest victim. There is already strong indication that such an implosion is in the cards. Fortunately, as Seattle authorities continue to surrender control of their own city to an armed mob, Trump will be there to save the day.

Madison Gesiotto is an attorney who serves with the advisory board of the Donald Trump campaign. You can follow her on Twitter @MadisonGesiotto.

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