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Webb: Embattled and flawed nation but not inherently racist

It’s not over till the courts decide it is.

Because of past and present politics, an election, and an ideological battle, we have been thrown into turmoil as a nation. This crazy is not limited to the White House, Congress, or the state houses, but in fact in all our houses or homes.

The crazy can take over your life and you are not wrong to be concerned because it will affect the lives of everyone in America. I will make a distinction that this is not just about American citizens. The crazy also affects people legally in America, and yes it does affect those who are here illegally.

The crazy is wide ranging beyond our contiguous borders or territories and the world is watching. Some around the world look forward to an America that reflects European socialism and for some in America a new 21st century communism. Most look at America and see freedom. That freedom is under assault. Many, especially in the darker and more despotic corners of the planet who can watch, fear that freedom is slipping away in the land they hope to emulate or maybe to immigrate.

Yesterday morning I spoke to a neighbor who came here from Albania. He and his family have achieved their version of the American dream and months ago he warned me that what happened there is coming to America and it scares him. Not because he is fearful, but if America becomes what many have escaped including his family, where does he go next and raise his children?

Last night my wife and I went to a Bed Bath and Beyond but there was something different in that the glass entrance was completely covered, boarded up with a wooden door to cover the sliding doors. Fortunately, the rest of the building is concrete and impenetrable to the average rioter. An employee confirmed the reason for the boarded entrance and the store’s concern.

In case you need reminding of who the store fears, a tweet by Dagen McDowell is spot on. She tweeted, “Businesses in NYC taking down the plywood they used to board up their storefronts. The plywood NOT THERE to prevent looting and rioting by Trump supporters.”

The left can deny, but they are the perpetrators of most of the violence that we have seen over the recent months. The left has managed to effectively create victimhood over decades and the right has not fought effectively to squash what is a blatant lie about American culture. We are not an inherently racist society.

A possible solution that has been discussed on my radio show over the past few days is we need to flip the script on this false idea that you are either guilty or a victim. White people are not born inherently evil and anyone who is non-white is not born a guaranteed victim. Issues of disparity or bias exist and can be addressed without putting people in boxes.

If their logic is correct in America, then how does their logic apply in a country that is majority black where whites are almost nonexistent, and blacks are not the victims of white privilege?

There are many countries where non-whites are the majority.

If the political parties, so-called leaders, influencers, and culture scientists will not force the conversation then we the people must. White people in America need to stop this march to their new victimhood under the guise of white privilege. The sins of the father are not visited on the son. The history of the Atlantic slave trade does not make modern-day whites responsible. Specifically, to you guilty white privileged liberals who push this lie, eventually you will get eaten by it.

Realize that socialism or communism in its 21st century form will not care about the color of your skin, your religion, or your sexual preference. You will simply be relegated to being ruled and it is likely that 99 percent of you reading this will not end up in the ruling class.

Those who seek to destroy America and its continued evolution to a better nation are the enemies of freedom and they are the ones we must defeat. Look at countries like Cuba, Venezuela and China or any socialist/communist-run nation. See who is in charge and what happens to those who object to being ruled. There are those on the left that want that type of regime in America.

I will reiterate. White people are not born inherently evil and non-whites are not born victims.

Webb is host of “The David Webb Show” on SiriusXM Patriot 125, host of “Reality Check with David Webb” on Fox Nation, a Fox News contributor and a frequent television commentator. His column appears twice a month in The Hill.

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