The state of the union under Biden: A plan comes together

The state of the union under Biden: A plan comes together
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There’s a name I want you to remember when you watch President BidenJoe BidenSouth Africa health minister calls travel bans over new COVID variant 'unjustified' Biden attends tree lighting ceremony after day out in Nantucket Senior US diplomat visiting Southeast Asia to 'reaffirm' relations MORE’s State of the Union address to the joint session of Congress on Wednesday: Col. John “Hannibal” Smith.

When I was growing up, watching “The A-Team” on Sunday nights, Hannibal was one of my heroes. Now take off your judgment reading glasses because, yes, I watched that TV show as a child and it was one of my favorites. Honestly, I still watch it sometimes now.

But it wasn’t just that Hannibal was the leader of those four protagonists. It was the way he’d look into the camera with absolute confidence and say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” There just wasn’t anything cooler than that.


I used to repeat that line over and over, throughout my childhood. But I cite it today not out of nostalgia but because I’m speaking directly to President Biden’s American Jobs Plan — or, as I have come to think of it privately, the “American Update Act,” because it literally updates America to properly compete in an ever-changing global society.

It’s a plan born out of crisis and necessity, designed, like the American Rescue Plan (which I think of as the “American Survival Act”), to fortify a nation ravaged by a deadly pandemic and four years of White House inaction on major societal problems. It’s a plan to face down some insurmountable odds and bring us out on top … and I love it when a plan comes together. 

Now, let’s be honest, the stakes are high for Biden’s administration and for our nation. But the president is in a remarkable position because, rather than being distracted by the catcalls of America’s culture war, he has remained focused on his priorities and delivering results directly to the American people who voted for him.

Setting a goal of 100 million coronavirus vaccine shots in his first 100 days — he did it within 60.

Promising direct aid to America’s families — he delivered $1,400 checks to those who were counting on help, and then some.

By making Black and Brown voters a priority every step of the way, Biden is repaying the faith of voters of color who showed up for him in large numbers in November. By appointing the most diverse cabinet in history, he has begun to bring new voices and much-needed perspectives into our federal government. 

Now Biden has pledged to bring home U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11 and to deliver new resources to military veterans. He supported the safe reopening of schools, an expansion of the child tax credit and earned income tax credit, and he has helped to steer hundreds of billions of dollars to small businesses devastated by COVID-19.

In short, President Biden is keeping his promise to heal our nation and restore the soul of America. Now he has set his sights on building jobs with a plan that invests in infrastructure, information technology, sustainability and more.

And while some Republicans in Congress may decry his vision, it appears they’re losing the argument. A Morning Consult/Politico poll released earlier this month makes it clear that most Americans support Biden’s plan. In fact, they not only support the plan but 65 percent of all voters (85 percent of Democrats, 60 percent of independents and 42 percent of Republicans) say they agree that corporate tax hikes should pay for it.

Unfortunately for the GOP, most Americans are somewhat like Col. John “Hannibal” Smith. We love it when a plan comes together.

Antjuan Seawright is a Democratic political strategist, founder and CEO of Blueprint Strategy LLC, a CBS News political contributor, and a senior visiting fellow at Third Way. Follow him on Twitter @antjuansea.