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Feehery: Running against the Democratic dystopia

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From a political perspective, the fact that Democrats run everything in Washington means they get the blame for everything that goes wrong.

And many, many things are going wrong.

The Nationals game was suspended on Saturday night because a drive-by shooter on South Capitol Street was confused for a terrorist. Drive-by shootings have become all too common in the nation’s capital, lately. A six-year old girl was gunned down earlier in the week.

Democrats want to blame guns for violence, but the guns don’t shoot themselves. What causes the violence are violent criminals who aren’t prosecuted by a criminal justice system that has been systemically dismantled by a woke leftist mob.

This surge in violence isn’t contained to the nation’s capital. Indeed, it has suddenly become endemic to big cities across the country. And it is a direct result of two progressive campaigns, one to defund the police and the other to fund the campaigns of left-wing pseudo-prosecutors who refuse to prosecute actual crimes.

The American people aren’t stupid. They get what the Democrats have been up to. And while they may have been asleep at the switch in the last couple of years, when these progressives sneakily used George Soros money to win down-ballot elections, I think most voters will start to wise up. The message is simple. There are no law-and-order Democrats left. Vote them all out.

It’s not just crime that has reared its ugly head. It’s inflation. My wife tells me that the two New York strip steaks she bought at Costco used to cost 30 bucks and now costs $52. You can’t get a gallon of gas anywhere for under $3 a gallon, when just last year, when the mad-tweeter was president, you would routinely find it for 2 and half bucks. That leaves a mark for family budgets that were already struggling to get by, post-pandemic.

Spending like a drunken-sailor, which seems to be the current fiscal policy of the Biden administration, is no way to hedge against inflation. It actually makes things worse. So, on this key quality of life measurement, the Democrats are going to get blamed. There are no fiscally responsible Democrats left. Vote them all out.

Sending your kids to school in the fall used to be the best, happiest moment for parents all over the country. That is going to change this year, sadly. In most blue-dominated areas, kids will be forced to wear masks, after going through the summer largely mask-free. And who knows, the unions might be successful in again in getting the politicians that they largely fund to keep education virtual, the way the COVID-19 hysteria is trending lately.

And once the kids are in school, who knows what nonsense they are being taught. Is America irredeemably racist and incapable of doing great things? That’s what the school board in Loudon County and other progressive enclaves want the kids to believe. Thank God that parents have decided to stand up and stop this nonsense. But the fight won’t be easy and it will remind those who live in the suburbs what the stakes are in this next election. There aren’t any Democrats who are willing to take on the teacher unions anymore. Vote them all out.

President Trump decreed during his time in office that consumers have the right to a good shower. The Biden administration reversed Trump’s decision, because in their opinion, nobody should be able to get a fully functioning shower.

It’s a small thing, really, but emblematic of the progressive mindset. You can’t escape violence. You must pay more for basic consumer products. Your kids can’t escape leftist indoctrination and they must wear a mask while they listen to it. And you can’t even get a good shower. That’s the Democratic dystopia in a nutshell. Running against the Democratic dystopia should be an easy campaign for the GOP. Vote them all out.

Feehery is a partner at EFB Advocacy and blogs at He served as spokesman to former Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), as communications director to former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) when he was majority whip and as a speechwriter to former House Minority Leader Bob Michel (R-Ill.).

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