Police raid major file-sharing site

Swedish police have raided and shut down The Pirate Bay, a file sharing online hub for movies, music, videogames and software.

File sharing news site TorrentFreak said the site was still down as of Wednesday morning. Swedish police confirmed they had seized some of the company’s servers in the raid.

It’s the first time in months the site has gone offline, TorrentFreak reported.


The Pirate Bay has been on thin legal ground since 2006, when the police first targeted the site. The site's three co-founders have all since been arrested after going underground following a 2009 sentence for copyright infringement.

The site has long been a repository for pirated content.

The movie and music industries have been pushing law enforcement worldwide to take copyright infringement more seriously.

It’s part of a larger federal government push to combat cyber crime.

Last month, a coalition of worldwide law enforcement agencies took action against hundreds of websites selling illegal goods and services on an online hidden black market.