Sony's PlayStation, Xbox targeted in hack

PlayStation Network and Xbox Live are the victims of a Christmas Day hacking attack.

Both of the online game networks have been offline for must of the day — terrible timing since online games are one of the year’s big gifts.


According to USA Today, a group called “Lizard Squad” is taking credit.

It previously laid claim to attacks on PlayStation Network and online games World of Warcraft and League of Legends.

Sony is the owner of PlayStation, meaning this is the second attack on the company in weeks.

Sony Pictures premiered “The Interview” in about 300 theaters on Christmas Day after a major hacking incident that seemed to have been sparked by the controversial comedy, which depicts an assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

The picture was briefly pulled by Sony after major theater chains said they would not screen the film. The theater chains were scared off by a hacking group’s threat to pull off September 11-style attacks at theaters showing the movie.

PlayStation has tweeted that it is aware of the problems and that its engineers are investigating the matter.