China boasts of Internet prowess in government-released song

China’s Internet restrictions may be causing friction with Western businesses and the U.S. government, but the Asian power seems pretty proud of its efforts.

During a celebration of the Lunar New Year on Tuesday, China’s Cyberspace Administration debuted an anthemic musical celebration of the country’s Internet prowess.

According to a New York Times translation, the song kicks off:

Devotedly keeping watch over the space every day,

Taking up our mission as the sun rises in the east,

Innovating every day, embracing the clear and bright,

Like warm sunshine moving in our hearts.


The Cyberspace Administration oversees China’s Internet policies, including what’s known as China’s “Great Firewall,” the slate of restrictions that keep services like Gmail and Facebook and various media outlets inaccessible in the country.

U.S. businesses are fretting over what seems to be a gradual strengthening of the Great Firewall. It’s hindered companies’ ability to do business in the country, they say.

Reportedly the Cyberspace Administration's employees worked overtime in preparing for the song, which marches along for a bit before hitting the rousing chorus.

An Internet power: Where the Internet is, so is the glorious dream.

An Internet power: From the distant cosmos to the missing home.

An Internet power: Tell the world that the Chinese Dream is uplifting China.

An Internet power: I represent my nation to the world.

The Times reported that Beijing pulled the video when viewers started posting it online in China.