White House network almost back after breach

White House network almost back after breach
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The White House said it has restored “the vast majority” of its system that was taken offline while fighting hackers during a breach last fall.

“We have taken appropriate steps to address the activity in concern and protect our systems,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said during a Friday press briefing.


Earnest was asked about the incident following a report that the State Department had yet to expel hackers from its networks following a similar breach around the same time. Both offices had their unclassified email infiltrated.

“We’ve restored the vast majority of services we took offline during those mitigation efforts,” Earnest said.

The two incidents were thought to be part of the same Russian cyber campaign. According to reports, those Russian hackers are still in the State Department's networks.

The press secretary would not say whether hackers remain in the White House system.

“Although we have addressed this particular incident, we are mindful of the fact that networks at the White House will continue to be a target,” he said.