UK man arrested on suspicion of hacking Pentagon

A British man was arrested for allegedly mounting a cyberattack on the Pentagon that allowed him to steal information on employees and devices.

The arrest, announced Friday by Britain’s National Crime Agency, is part of a coordinated campaign against cyber crime in the United Kingdom. Fifty-six arrests were made in the last week in 20 separate operations, according to reports.


The 23-year-old man arrested in connection with the Pentagon hack allegedly breached a Defense Department server and harvested data related to a satellite-based communications system.

Taken last June, the information included contact details for approximately 800 people and unique codes to identify 34,000 devices used by the military.

None of the data is considered sensitive, and law enforcement officials said the breach does not threaten national security.

The hacker allegedly bragged about the cyberattack on Pastebin, the anonymous posting site, by publishing screenshots of a dashboard used to control a Pentagon database.

“We smite the Lizards, LizardSquad your time is near,” the user wrote, apparently referring to the black-hat hacking group.

“We're in your bases, we control your satellites ... The missiles shall rein [sic] upon they who claim alliance, watch your heads. ... We're one, we're many, we lurk in the dark, we're everywhere and anywhere.”