Prepare for damaging cyberattack, FBI agent warns

Prepare for damaging cyberattack, FBI agent warns
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A New York-based FBI official is warning the public to prepare for major cyberattack given the increasing sophistication of hackers around the world.

Leo Taddeo, the head of the cyber division at the FBI’s New York field office, said that threats from hackers are growing faster than law enforcement’s ability to counter them.


“It’s undeniable that the number of breaches is going up, and despite our best efforts, we are constantly surprised by new and important ways to affect these important [computer] networks,” Taddeo said in an interview with Bloomberg’s “Market Makers” show.

“I think that we would be well-served to prepare for — I won’t say a catastrophic attack, but an attack that has an impact that may shake some confidence-levels.”

Taddeo described last year’s hack of Sony Pictures as a watershed moment in the world of cybersecurity given the amount of damage wrought by the attackers.

He sought to reassure Bloomberg reporters that the stock and bond markets are well-protected, but added that “we’re always surprised” by what cyber criminals are able to achieve.

“The notion that you can protect your perimeter is falling by the wayside,” he said.

“The best organizations out there are monitoring, they are detecting what is on their network before it [has] a major impact.”