ISIS sympathizers threaten ‘electronic war’

ISIS sympathizers threaten ‘electronic war’
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The United States, Europe and Australia will face an “electronic war” from ISIS, Web users claiming affiliation with the group claimed this week.

A subtitled propaganda video posted on YouTube showed a hooded figure with a masked voice saying that ISIS already has access to “American leadership,” but offered no evidence for this claim.


The group identified itself as the Islamic State’s Defenders in the Internet, but the video did not contain typical hallmarks of an official ISIS video, such as the group’s insignia.

“Praise to Allah, today we extend on the land and in the internet,” the figure said in Arabic.

“We send this message to America and Europe. We are the hackers of the Islamic State and the electronic war has not yet begun. The electronic war has not yet begun.”

The video, released Monday, also included referred to hacks of the CENTCOM Twitter and YouTube accounts with ISIS propaganda.

Pro-ISIS hackers have followed a playbook established by Anonymous in touting their cyber capabilities on YouTube. Still, most experts do not believe the group’s sympathizers have enough skill to launch serious cyberattacks.

Because it is difficult to confirm links to the group, ISIS also inspires copycat propaganda threats. 

Still, the so-called Cyber Caliphate has pulld off a series of successful, if small, breaches on social media.