Crash your enemy's Skype with this message

Crash your enemy's Skype with this message
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A simple eight-character combination — “http://:” — can apparently wreak havoc on Skype.

The Skype community has discovered that any Skype account receiving that particular string of letters and symbols as a chat message will immediately crash.


The bizarre bug is so formidable that the program will continue to crash each time you try and log back in. Users are reporting they have to install an older version of the software to restore the program.

The tactic seems to work on the Windows, Apple iOS and Google’s Android operating system.

The flaw is eerily reminiscent of a potent string of symbols and Arabic characters uncovered last week that briefly crashed any iPhone via text message.

Like that quirk, which iPhone users mostly used to prank each other, it doesn’t appear hackers are exploiting the Skype flaw to cut off people’s Skype access.

The Microsoft-owned Skype told VentureBeat it is working on a fix for the problem.