Teen who hacked CIA head going after FBI official

Teen who hacked CIA head going after FBI official
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The teenaged hackers who exposed the personal email account of CIA head John Brennan are hacking into more government officials’ accounts in retaliation for the FBI investigation into their actions.


The duo, which calls itself Crackas With Attitude, told Vice Motherboard Wednesday that they have hacked into FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano’s personal account.

One of the hackers, known as Cracka, told the publication that they had also obtained Giuliano’s phone number and called him.

“I called it and asked for Mark and he's like ‘I don't know you but you better watch your back’ and then he hung up and I kept calling and he was getting mad then he didn't pick up,” Cracka told Motherboard via online chat.

The FBI has not confirmed the group’s claims.

WikiLeaks last month posted a handful of documents stolen from Brennan’s personal email account by an apparent teenage hacker. According to reports, the hacker posed as an employee of Verizon and got access to Brennan's account from the telecom company.

The hackers told Motherboard Wednesday that they gained access to Giuliano’s account by breaking into a Comcast email account belonging to his wife and exploiting the information they found there.

Brennan’s documents are largely draft forms of agency memos and other notes. Nothing on the account appears to be classified, but one document does contain personal information about Brennan’s wife and family members, including addresses, birthdays and Social Security numbers.

Brennan lambasted the hackers themselves and the media for suggesting that he was “doing something inappropriate or wrong or [in] violation of my security responsibilities” by using the personal account.

An unnamed law enforcement official previously told The New York Post that he expected officials to “make an example” out of the group to “deter people from doing this in the future.”

Cracka said the second hack on Guiliano wasn’t intended to acquire any specific information.

“We didn't target him for anything interesting, we targeted him because FBI are [sic] investigating us,” he said.