Anonymous plans day of trolling against ISIS

Anonymous plans day of trolling against ISIS
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The hacker group Anonymous is planning a day of trolling as part of its ongoing cyber war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

One of the teams orchestrating the digital crusade, known as “OpISIS,” is encouraging people to take to the Internet on Dec. 11 and bombard ISIS-affiliated social media accounts with mocking photos and tweets.


“Post photos of goats while @ing Isis members with captions talking about their wives,” OpISIS encouraged in an instructional post on text-sharing site Ghostbin.

On particular meme that has already been widely shared by a number of Anonymous-affiliated Twitter accounts are pictures of ISIS fighters photoshopped with rubber ducky heads and holding bathroom scrubbers.

The loosely affiliated hacking collective is also planning a physical component to its day of trolling.

In nine cities across North America and Europe, Anonymous has scheduled hours-long rallies where people will bring printed out photos and stickers mocking ISIS, as well as pages “showing how Isis does not represent Islam.”

In the U.S., there are late afternoon rallies planned in New York, Los Angeles and Seattle.

The anarchist hacking group recently renewed its global cyber war against ISIS in the wake of the devastating terror attacks in Paris, which killed around 130 people.

Since then, Anonymous has released lists of thousands of alleged ISIS-affiliated Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as other websites it claims have links to the extremist group.

While the often-divisive group received early accolades for its efforts, many have since criticized the digital vigilantes for flagging accounts that have nothing to do with ISIS.