JetBlue website down after power outage

JetBlue website down after power outage
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JetBlue’s main website went down Thursday afternoon because of a power outage, the low-cost airline said. The outage reportedly has caused some cancellations and delays.

“We’re experiencing intermittent network issues due to a data center power outage,” the company said around noon on Twitter. “We’re working to resolve & should be restored shortly.”


As of mid-afternoon, the site was still unavailable.

CNBC reported that while JetBlue flights are still taking off, there would be some delays and cancellations, and reported that four flights out of Boston's Logan International Airport had been canceled as of 2 p.m., and 21 had been delayed.

There is no indication the technical troubles are linked to hackers.

But over the past year, the airline industry has been plagued by numerous technical issues that have highlighted vulnerabilities in the networks supporting air travel.

In July, United Airlines had to ground planes after the company's computer system went down. Earlier in the year, United’s check-in system also went offline, causing long lines and delays.

Hackers have taken advantage of these security shortcomings to bombard airlines with cyberattacks. Over the span of several months in 2015, hackers infiltrated the U.S. air traffic control system, forced airlines to ground planes and potentially stole detailed travel records on millions of people.

Security researchers also fear that airplanes themselves are easy targets for hackers, given the increasing amount of Internet-connected features onboard.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in June convened a panel to develop a set of cybersecurity standards to defend aircraft from digital intruders.