Anonymous attacks Greek central bank in global anti-bank operation

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The activist hacking group Anonymous on Tuesday attacked Greece’s central bank in what the group vowed is the first salvo in a 30-day strike against banks worldwide.

{mosads}The bank’s website was temporarily disrupted by a distributed denial of service, or DDoS attack, in which hackers force a server to crash by bombarding it with phony traffic.

“The attack lasted for a few minutes and was successfully tackled by the bank’s security systems,” a bank official told Reuters. “The only thing that was affected by the denial-of-service attack was our website.”

Anonymous has already taken responsibility for the attack in a YouTube video declaring the start of a 30-day operation targeting “the global banking cartel.”

“Olympus will fall,” a computerized voiceover says. “Like Icarus, the powers that be have flown to close to the sun, and the time has come to set the wings of their empire ablaze.”

The group first announced its so-called Op Icarus in late March in a three-minute video backed by a generic action-adventure movie score.

“The arms industries, banking and other financial institutions, government intelligence agencies and countless others …  seeks the preservation and the perpetuation of the powers that be,” a person wearing the group’s trademark Guy Fawkes mask said in a computerized voice.

“This octopus operates through the tentacles of the IMF, the Federal Reserve and the World Bank, masterminded by think tanks such as the Bilderberg group and the Council on Foreign Relations,” the person continues.

The video calls for attacks on the New York Stock Exchange and Bank of England.

Anonymous has waged a number of high-profile cyber campaigns in the last year, targeting Donald Trump, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and the Ku Klux Klan.

But results have been mixed. While the group has taken credit for exposing KKK members and eradicating thousands of ISIS-related Twitter accounts, many have criticized the group for over-promising and leaking inaccurate information.

Most prominently, the loosely affiliated group initially identified the wrong policeman in the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown last year in Ferguson, Mo.

Some of the criticism of the group appears to be coming internally.

During the group’s ongoing anti-ISIS campaign, one of the more well-known Anonymous Twitter accounts chided what he or she characterized as attention-seeking hackers working under the Anonymous banner.

“Seriously, after #OpISIS there have been too many fame whores. It’s not about the follows or RTs. It’s about the truth. Have some integrity.”

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