US attorney: FBI, Secret Service cyber resources have increased '10-fold'

Law enforcement agencies have increased their resources “10-fold” in recent years to respond to the growing cyber threat, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York said Monday.


“I think we have increased our resources with respect to cyber in my office, in just the seven years I’ve been there, by 10-fold. And the FBI, the Secret Service have done a similar amount,” Preet Bharara said in a Friday interview with The Wall Street Journal.

As the U.S. attorney responsible for Manhattan, Bharara’s office is in charge of policing everything from terrorism to Wall Street. His office is currently investigating the cyber theft of $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank’s New York Federal Reserve account.

His office also brought over 100 cases in an insider trading scheme that relied on hacking press releases before they were public.

“There is no greater issue for people in business to be thinking about and caring about and being worried about than the cyberthreat,” Bharara said.