Pranksters hit Brexit do over petition

Pranksters hit Brexit do over petition
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A notorious online forum has waylaid Britain’s official petition for a second vote on the Brexit. 

Pranksters on 4chan, a kind of haven for Internet trolls, set up automated programs to add signatures to a petition on a House of Commons’s site equivalent to the White House’s “We the People” site.


The House of Commons removed at least 77,000 signatures on the petition, which currently has 3.6 million.

4chan used bots to sign the petition with entries that appeared to come from unlikely places outside the United Kingdom. Thousands of signatures came from Vatican City, which has a population of 451, as well as from North Korea and Antarctica.

The House of Commons’s website does not check if signatories are human. Many sites use a “captcha” feature that has users perform tasks difficult for a computer to do on its own. 

The BBC reports the House of Commons plans to continue monitoring for “suspicious activity” on the petitions.