Banking network hacked in $81m heist hires outside cyber team

Banking network hacked in $81m heist hires outside cyber team
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The SWIFT banking transaction network has hired third-party experts help to secure its beleaguered systems following a high-profile bank heist.

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication's network was the conduit for an $81 million theft from the Bangladeshi central bank, a crime that the New York Federal Reserve was inadvertently complicit in.


SWIFT announced Monday it is bringing in consultants from the firms BAE Systems and Fox-IT to “complement its in-house cyber security expertise and provide additional support as it rolls out an information sharing and threat intelligence program[] for banking members.”

The combined force of SWIFT, BAE and Fox-It experts will be known as the Forensics and Customer Security Intelligence Team, Swift said.

“Customer intelligence, including intelligence related to attacks that have ultimately failed, is crucial to helping us continue protecting our community,” wrote SWIFT's chief technology officer, Craig Young.