Former WH cyber official: ‘Idiots’ want to attack Russia over hack

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A former White House head of cybersecurity policy is hitting back at suggestions the U.S. should target Russia with a cyberattack in response to its suspected involvement in hacking the Democratic National Committee.

“Frankly, the idiots that immediately think about just retaliating in kind in cyberspace aren’t thinking very creatively or critically about how you do deterrence or how you send signals or how you make people feel pain,” Chris Finan said in an interview in the Daily Dot.

{mosads}A policy of responding in kind might not be more effective than other tactics, Finan said, and would be difficult to implement when the other nation knows a cyberattack is coming.

Finan was President Obama’s director of cybersecurity legislation and policy for 18 months starting in 2012. Finan also has had stops at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Google, and is currently the CEO of Manifold Technology, which he founded.

In the same interview, he also recommended patience with the investigation into who was behind the attack. 

“The reality is, it’s messy and hard,” he said. “You’re playing poker — you’re often guessing based on probabilities. You can make great guesses. There are really good poker players, but you’re often guessing.” 


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