CrowdStrike to work on DNC's cybersecurity

CrowdStrike to work on DNC's cybersecurity

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Monday announced that cybersecurity company CrowdStrike would be restructuring its management systems. 

“I'm pleased to tell you that CrowdStrike — which was retained back in May — is doing a fabulous job and not only restructuring and rebuilding our entire management systems, but they have monitored our systems 24/7 over the past few weeks and I can tell you we are stronger, we're very well protected,” acting DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile said during a private call with state party officials, Politico reported. 


CrowdStrike, known for its work with state-level threats, investigated the recent hacks of DNC servers by Guccifer 2.0, a hacker or hackers many believe are a front for Russian intelligence.

The move comes after the security community questioned the DNC for appointing a cybersecurity review board many felt was heavy on lawyers but light on security experts.

"DNC creates Cybersecurity board made up of well meaning people with no cybersecurity expertise. Your move Russia...," tweeted Peiter Zatko, a well-regarded security expert who leads an Underwriter Labs-like project for cybersecurity.