Variety Magazine email list hacked

Variety Magazine email list hacked
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OurMine, a hacker group known for high publicity hacks of Mark Zuckerberg and others, appears to be behind a breach at Variety Magazine.

Subscribers to Variety’s email list received multiple messages with the subject “Hacked By #OurMine – Read The post!! [IMPORTANT]“


The entertainment publication acknowledged the breach in an article posted on Saturday to its website, titled “Apologies for Hacked Variety E-Mail Alert.”

“You may have received one or more emails from Variety with the subject line #Ourmine. Variety did not send those emails; please ignore and delete them. We are working diligently to contain the matter and will update you when the issues have been resolved."

OurMine operates as a protections racket, breaching high-profile accounts to publicize their brand, and offering “security audits” to prevent similar or future breaches. 

OurMine is predominantly known for attacks on social media accounts of tech industry executives, and has taken over accounts of the chief executives or founders of Facebook, Wikipedia, Occulus, Google and Twitter.