Moscow: Foreign intelligence to attack Russian banks next week

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) is warning that nation's banks that foreign intelligence operations will launch "large-scale cyber attacks in order to destabilize the financial system of the Russian Federation, including the activities of a number of major Russian banks," starting Dec. 5.


In a Russian-language statement on the FSB website posted Friday, the FSB claimed to have found command and control servers to be used in such an attack in the Netherlands, operated by the Ukrainian internet service provider BlazingFast. 

The FSB also claims the attacks will be accompanied by a social media and text message misinformation campaign. 

The claims come amid widespread interest in the United States in Russia's alleged hacking and misinformation techniques' effects in the recent elections, which many have suggested were an effort to undermine the credibility of the U.S. system to normalize improprieties in the Russian electoral system.

The Washington Post reported those efforts may have included a social media misinformation campaign similar to what the FSB says foreign intelligence would wage against the banks in a story that went viral. However, many reporters and members of the information security community question the methods and veracity of the organization that performed the study central to that article's claims. Other research, performed by more mainstream researchers, has shown similar results.