Stolen NSA Windows hacking tools now for sale

Stolen NSA Windows hacking tools now for sale

The Shadow Brokers, the hacker or hackers who stole and are now claiming to sell National Security Agency surveillance software, are now selling the agency’s package of Windows hacking tools.

Like all Shadow Brokers wares, the tools are at least three years old. But codes used to pass through security hardware that the Shadow brokers released in August worked when tested at that time, sparking concerns.

The new sale, announced Saturday, coincides with more and more chiding from the group directed at WikiLeaks. 


The Brokers first announced the sale of tools from the vaunted NSA-affiliated Equation Group in August. Two days after they announced an auction for the complete set of tools, WikiLeaks tweeted that they, too, had copies of the tools, but would release a “pristine copy” for free. 

WikiLeaks has thus far never released a copy of the tools. 

“@wikileaks [re]member when you claimed you had stuff from #shadowbrokers, what happened to that?” the Shadow Brokers tweeted on Saturday. 

The group also tweeted about a recent suggestion from a Wikileaks publicity account that Wikileaks would post information about all of Twitter’s verified users. 

“LOL thinking same, this is nature of human animal, today's dissident is tomorrow's dictator, #trustnoone #nomoresecrets #fucktheworld !” the Shadow Brokers tweeted, responding to a comment that WikiLeaks hoarding personal data on individuals was no different than the NSA doing the same in its bulk surveillance efforts.

The Shadow Brokers abandoned the August auction and tried a number of other monetization strategies to sell off the tool kit. They eventually settled on a traditional a la carte purchasing system. 

The code being sold by the Shadow Brokers appears to be genuine. A tracking code found in code released by the group used a tracking code found in previously unreleased Edward Snowden files.