CIA director: 'Outrageous' to equate intelligence community, Nazis

CIA director: 'Outrageous' to equate intelligence community, Nazis
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CIA Director John Brennan on Sunday criticized President-elect Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump nominates Jeffrey Rosen to replace Rosenstein at DOJ McCabe says ‘it’s possible’ Trump is a Russian asset McCabe: Trump ‘undermining the role of law enforcement’ MORE for comments likening the actions of the intelligence community to those of Nazis.

"What I do find outrageous is equating intelligence community with Nazi Germany," Brennan said on "Fox News Sunday."

"I do take great umbrage with that and there is no basis for Mr. Trump to point fingers at the intelligence community for leaking information that was already available publicly."

The president-elect last week blasted intelligence agencies after it was reported that Trump had been briefed on an unverified dossier alleging Russia had compromising information on him.


"Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to 'leak' into the public," the president-elect tweeted.

"One last shot at me.Are we living in Nazi Germany?"
At a press conference last week, the president-elect said it was "disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake out."

"I think it's a disgrace, and I say that, and that's something that Nazi Germany who have done and did do," he said.

"I think it's a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public."

Brennan said on Sunday the president-elect needs to be disciplined in what he says publicly, noting the world is watching and listening to what Trump says.

"He is going to be in a few days time the most powerful person in the world in terms of sitting on top of the United States government," he said, "and I think he has to recognize that his words do have impact."