Report: Leakers sell inside trading tips on dark web

Report: Leakers sell inside trading tips on dark web

Insider trading and other forms of access-related corporate crimes earn some dark web traders as much as $5000 a month, according to a new report. 

Insider risk management firm Redowl and the threat intelligence firm IntSights profiled two dark web marketplaces where insiders trade privileged information for profit. 

The report claims the forums are lively. "Kickass Forum" averages five posts a week, resulting in 40 bitcoins worth of transactions ($35,000). Kickass, which vets each post for accuracy, costs 1 bitcoin a year to join.  


Forums offer more than a platform to sell insider information. They also host recruitment posts to find employees of various companies who can implant malware into corporate servers or participate in credit card theft schemes. 

A second forum contained in the report, "The Stock Insiders," is said to be dedicated solely to inside trading. Both forums were established during the first half of 2016.