Wikileaks in contact with manufacturers on CIA security risks

Wikileaks in contact with manufacturers on CIA security risks
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Wikileaks tweeted Tuesday that it has contacted a variety of tech companies about security vulnerabilities mentioned in leaked CIA documents the site has yet to release, giving manufacturers a chance to repair their wares before the flaws were made public. 

“WikiLeaks has contacted Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla & MicroTik to help protect users against CIA malware,” the site wrote.


Microsoft confirmed that Wikileaks had been in touch, but a source at one of the contacted companies said that beyond making initial contact, no actual information had been shared.

Last week, Wikileaks began releasing files apparently originating from a secure CIA network. The site attempted to skip inclusion of source code files that demonstrated hacking techniques described in the leaked archive, although researchers were reverse-engineer some of the code through artifacts mistakenly left unredacted.

In a question and answer session last week, Wikileaks announced it would reveal the redacted code to manufacturers to give them a chance to repair security flaws before a public release gave hackers a chance to exploit them.