Chipotle investigating breach of payment system

Chipotle investigating breach of payment system
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Mexican food giant Chipotle is investigating a breach of the network that supports its credit card payment processing. 

Chipotle notified customers on Tuesday that it had recently detected “unauthorized activity” on a system used to help process payments for purchases made inside its restaurants, though offered no details on specific locations that may have been affected.

The company is now soliciting help from cybersecurity experts and law enforcement officials to investigate the breach and has taken precautions to secure the system, it said.


“We immediately began an investigation with the help of leading cybersecurity firms, law enforcement, and our payment processor,” Chipotle said in a statement. “We believe actions we have taken have stopped the unauthorized activity, and we have implemented additional security enhancements.”

The ongoing investigation is focused on card transactions that occurred between March 24 and April 18. The company provided little details on the investigation or its findings thus far.

The company intends to notify any customers affected by the breach when it receives specifics on the timeframe of the breach and the restaurant locations possibly affected. 

Chipotle emphasized that customers should “closely monitor” their bank statements for any unauthorized charges.

The fast-food giant has had its fair share of controversy. Early last year, Chipotle was forced to close all of its stores for a meeting on food safety after a major E.coli outbreak hit its locations. The company’s profits declined considerably after the incident, but have shown signs of a rebound in 2017.